Dismantling planes serve as makeshift home in Bangkok

The nose of a Boeing 747 appears above the wall of a deserted outpost in Bangkok’s suburb and where three dismantled airplanes serve as a makeshift home for a family. The leg is the one in charge of guarding the place and to receive the urban explorers who venture to visit the fuselages of the airplanes, attracted by its phantasmagoric aspect. The payment for the visit is 200 baht (about US $ 6), which serves as an investment for the six poor people living there. Until four years ago, the place housed a restaurant that due to its lack of success was forced to close the doors with only two months of operation.

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The deadline was used by the owners of the planes to decide to park the colossal structures indefinitely there and leave them to the care of Riem, a Thai of 56 years who is the head of the family house in the place. “We do not know how the planes arrived because it is a private property,” said a spokesman for the district. “If the owner pays his taxes, we have nothing to say,” he added, before revealing that the landowner is the Sahatap company. Contacted by telephone, a Sahatap employee stated that “the person who knows the subject is not in the office”.

In the latter case, Riem confesses that she was assigned to be the guardian of airplanes for the price of 7,000 baht (a little more than $ 223) a month, which she uses mostly for the treatment of her youngest daughter. was diagnosed with cancer. This money is added to the money received from the curious who decide to visit the picturesque place, in addition to the help that is eventually given by the Buddhist monks, even if she is a Muslim. The sadness and indignation also take care of the grandmother when it speaks of the small Pit, its grandson of eight years, that another of its daughters left to him to take care of. “I do not know what’s going to happen to him, he can not go to school because he has no established address or legal guardians. His mother left him to go with a man,” Riem lamented.

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The boy listens attentively, but the confessions of his grandmother do not take away the joy with which he receives the tourists, who in a scratched English invites to enter the dirty cabins of the aircraft, that sometimes happened to be of the first class to the hiding of drug addicts. The door through which the suitcases were loaded opens wide now to greet the visitors who climb spider webs up steep steps leading to the main cabin. Today, it is a space full of graffiti, broken windows and oxygen masks threw across the floor, creating an atmosphere similar to that of a horror movie, a perfect place for anyone who wants to take pictures and post them on social networks. What for some is just a fun weekend adventure for the Riem family represents a source of income that helps them survive in the Thai capital.

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