Hugs could be the key to the end of the couple’s discussions

A study identifies hugs as the best way to cope with a couple discussion.

Nobody likes couple arguments, but sometimes certain problems that couples face are inevitable. Maybe at certain times we can not avoid the conflict, but the important thing is to learn to deal with it in an intelligent way. How? Well it seems that a good hug at the right time can be the key to ending a couple’s argument.

A study by the University of Arizona published in the journal PlosOne has shown that interpersonal approaches such as hugs can be very encouraging in a couple discussion. According to the researchers, the couples they discuss receive in a more positive way the situation when there are hugs in the conflict.

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To reach this conclusion, the researchers interviewed 404 women and men with partners every night for 14 days. The questions of the interviews focused on their conflicts and whether or not the reception of the hug occurred at some point, as well as the positive or negative affect on it.

The results of this experiment showed that people who received a hug during a couple discussion perceived the conflict to a lesser degree and even more positively than those who did not have interpersonal interaction during the discussion with their partner. In addition, the fact of having received a hug improved the perception of the conflict the next day.

“These results are consistent with the hypothesis that hugs are a buffer against damaging changes in affect associated with experiencing interpersonal conflicts , ” the study said.

The research concludes that these results on the hug do not vary between men and women, nor in the type of relationship, either in married couples or similar marital relationships, or between courtships.

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Thus, this research opens the door to new ways of resolving conflicts between couples beyond verbal communication. After all, a hug is a form of communication, which can sometimes mean a sign of affection and love during a conflict partner. Therefore, the next time you have a couple discussion, remember to give a loving hug at some point to your boy or girl, this will make the discussion not go over and offer the possibility of facing the conflict through other healthier mechanisms for your relationship

And if you need to know more methods to solve problems with your partner, we recommend you read these tips to stop fighting and learn to negotiate as a couple without getting hurt , as well as these phrases to avoid couple arguments , which can always work well together with a good hug.

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