How to improve communication with children: The keys

Discover the keys to improve communication with children and build a relationship based on mutual trust. How to improve communication with children is one of the concerns of parents, especially as they grow up. Communication is the key to cementing a strong, sincere and trust-based relationship between parents and children. It is not only about dialogue, but especially about listening to children.

Maintaining good communication favors the self-esteem, security, and motivation of children, and this relationship of trust with parents will openly address the most sensitive issues, such as talking about sexuality, for example. These are some of the keys to improve communication between parents and children.

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How can I improve communication with my child?

Listening with attention, asking for opinions and empathizing are key when it comes to facilitating communication with others, and extended to the relationship between parents and children. Being a parent is a task of constant learning, and encouraging a fluid communication generating a climate of trust is fundamental to openly express emotions and feelings.

Listen to the children

Practicing active listening is a priority advice. Children and adolescents need to be heard, without being interrupted and using an appropriate tone of voice, and knowing that their parents pay attention to them. In the same way, we should not downplay their problems or concerns. It may be a minor issue from our perspective of adults, but not from that of the child or adolescent. Dialogue fosters understanding to reach agreements with children.

Avoid judging

Listen without judging and avoiding giving tax opinions, especially when children talk openly about their feelings. In the same way that we must avoid judging in advance the behavior of our children, we must avoid imposing opinions. Being an authoritarian parent can generate the same insecurity and lack of self-esteem as exercising too protective parents.

Respect the silences

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There are situations in which, as parents, you have to know how to be patient and not insist if the child or adolescent does not want to talk.

Be clear when speaking

Forget about the little lies that parents tell their children and always be clear when speaking, using precise and concrete language, and choosing phrases to encourage your children and give them security.

Give example

Sincerity is an important pillar of communication between parents and children, which implies being consistent between what we think, say and do. Being honest also means knowing how to apologize to children when we make a mistake. Our behavior will not go unnoticed for them.

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