How to forget your ex: All the app to get it

Do not you know how to forget your ex? With these apps, it will be much simpler. Take advantage of 2.0 technology and erase your ex-boyfriend from your mind once and for all.

Do you want to overcome once and for all your last break and forget your ex? Sometimes it seems impossible because all the time you find your photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … your friends have it as a friend and you always see some comment from them, a notification or update that brings back memories can appear at any moment … But quiet, Fortunately, technology not only makes things worse for us, it helps us. That’s why we bring you the best apps to help you forget your ex. Point!

As there are applications to make us better selfies, there are also a few apps that can help you with the arduous task of forgetting your ex, either because they help you find another person or because they help you erase all traces of your presence in social networks.

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Ex-Lover Blocker

If you are an iPhone user, with this app you can block your ex’s phone number so you do not make mistakes that you later regret. Make sure you will not call him and that he will disappear at the end of your life because if you decide to call him, this application will send a message on Facebook to all your friends alerting them that you have fallen … A bit drastic, but maybe it works for you.


There is no better saying than that that says ‘a nail is removed with another nail’. And sometimes you have to listen to popular wisdom and start acting. With Tinder, the online dating app, you can meet new people, possible appointments and have fun going back to the battle of love. An entertaining way to forget your ex once and for all. In addition, they organize exclusive parties, pilates meetings and much more all over the world … Do you want to miss it?

Never Liked it Anyway

It is not exactly an application, rather it is a website where you can get rid of all the memories of your ex. How? Selling them! Yes, instead of throwing them out, take advantage of them by transforming them into money with which you can buy something new for you. The Valentine’s gifts, the gift of your first anniversary, your birthday gifts, your favorite hunter that gave you … Sell it all. Ideal for disenchanted couples and stay so comfortable.

Drunk Dial

This application is perfect if you usually make mistakes when you are drunk. Maybe recently you have broken and it has already happened more than once that you called him on Saturday night with a few more glasses. Well, Drunk Dial will save your life, because before you can click to call it, this application will do a sobriety test and block calls if you realize that you are not at your best. Incredible but true!

Breakup freedom

The application of the applications to overcome a break. It helps you not to contact your ex and gives you advice on broken hearts. It has Ex Call Gate call blocking features that help prolong the period without contact, you can receive quotes and comments from other broken hearts, optimistic listings to overcome it and much more … The only downside is that it is in English. Available only for Android.


Do you want to erase all traces of your ex-boyfriend on Facebook? With this app, you can delete photos, videos and even comments and interactions without having to block it. Your option is this application for both iOS and Android, which collects all the information of that person on Facebook, and in a single click will disappear everything you do not want to see again.

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In addition, you will not see the updates of your state, but all this without the need to block it on Facebook, showing that you can continue to be your friend in this social network, although, in reality, you do not know anything else about this person. Of course, it also has the possibility of a reconciliation, allowing to recover all the information, since it only hides it, does not erase it.

Call Blacklist

A free application for Android, it allows you to block all the calls and messages of the person you wish to forget, taking it to a “blacklist”, so you will not be tempted to take a call from this person, a clear sign to know if you are ready to return to being single .


For those who think it is “better to prevent than cure”, it is better to get used to using this application downloaded on your Android or iOS mobile, because it allows you to destroy any photo or video right after sending it, so you will not leave any trace on your mobile which then you will find

There are many ways to overcome a disappointment in love, but in the era of social networks is a bit more complicated, for the thousands of ways we have to connect with each other, so try downloading some of these applications and finally forget your former. Which one are you going to try?

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