Countries where gay weddings can be celebrated

More than twenty countries where gay weddings can be celebrated around the world. The Netherlands opened, in 2001, the path to recognizing a right.

We go around the world to visit the countries where gay weddings can be celebrated. A right, that of marriage between people of the same sex (same-sex marriage or equal marriage), which can be legally exercised in more than twenty countries. A figure that shows that equality and recognition of rights are taking steps, but that there is still much to be done.

The Netherlands was the first country in Europe and the world to legally recognize gay marriage, coming into force in 2001 (although it was approved in 2000), when the first four legal weddings were held in Amsterdam. Since then, a score of countries has done the same. Spain was the fourth country in the world to legalize it.

Legal homosexual marriage in Europe

The Netherlands: As we have pointed out, it was the first country in the world to recognize the right to marriage between same-sex couples.

Belgium: The second country to recognize this right, in 2003.

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Spain: Approved in 2005, the first gay wedding was held on July 11 in Tres Cantos, Madrid.

Ireland: Approved by popular consultation, in 2015.

France: Recognized since April 2013.

Luxembourg: The law came into force in January 2015. Its prime minister, Xavier Bettel, was the first European head of government married to another man.

Iceland : Homosexual marriages are legal since June 2010.

Portugal: Legal since May 2010, and in 2016 it was extended to authorize the adoption.

Sweden: Homosexual marriage is legal since 2009, and even admits homosexual religious weddings.

Norway: The law was passed in 2008, and entered into force on January 1, 2009.

United Kingdom: A law, passed in July 2013 and applicable in England and Wales, allows weddings between people of the same sex.

Scotland: Since February 2014.

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Denmark: In 1989 it recognized civil unions, and since 2012 a law recognizes same-sex marriage, both civil and by the Church of Denmark.

Finland: After the law will be rejected by popular referendum, Finland joined in 2014 the list of countries that approve gay marriage.

Slovenia: Since 2016, a law recognizes the right of marriage for homosexual couples, after rejecting it in 2015 by referendum. The legislation, however, does not recognize the right to adoption or artificial insemination.

Italy: The Chamber of Deputies of Italy passed the law in 2016, but does not recognize the right to adopt.

Greece: Since 2015 recognizes civil unions, but not marriages.

Germany: In June 2016, the German Parliament gave its approval to the law.

Homosexual marriage in the United States and Canada

United States: The Supreme Court legalized homosexual marriage throughout the United States in 2015, although these unions were already accepted in more than thirty states.

Canada: Recognizes gay marriage by law since 2005, being the first country in the American continent to legalize it.

Legalization of homosexual marriage in Latin America

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Brazil: Legalized in 2013 by the National Council of Justice.

Argentina: The first of the Latin American countries, being approved by law in 2010.

Uruguay: The Equal Marriage Law was approved by the Uruguayan Parliament in 2013.

Colombia: Since 2016.

Chile: Legal since 2015

Puerto Rico: The unions are legal since 2015.

Mexico: Permits unions between people of the same sex when they are processed before a judge.

Colombia: Homosexual marriage was approved in 2016 by the Constitutional Court.

Bolivia: Transsexual and transgender marriage was recognized, but not homosexual.

Legalization of gay marriage in Asia, Africa, and Australia

South Africa: Approved by Parliament in 2016.

Israel: despite allowing these unions, they do not call them marriages.

New Zealand: Unions between people of the same sex are recognized since 2013.

Australia: 61.6% of Australian citizens voted in November 2017 YES to same-sex unions, they also say “yes to love”.

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