Penélope Cruz ‘teaches’ Spanish to Ellen DeGeneres

The actress goes to the program of the presenter and her lessons are censored by the chain. Do not miss the video.

Penelope Cruz has become the best Spanish teacher of the presenter Ellen DeGeneres. Of course, he has taught a few sentences that had to be censored for the completion of the program. The Madrilenian began the lesson by saying the phrase: “You have me up to the bow” something like “you have me fed up”. While the following: “I shit in the milk” was immediately censored. Do not miss the class.

The actress went to the set of the program of Ellen DeGeneres to talk about his character in American Crime Story: The murder of Gianni Versace in which he plays Donatella Versace. DeGeneres began his interview with Pe asking him where he currently resides in Spain and if he could teach him to speak Spanish. And so it was done.

As is usual when foreigners learn Spanish, the first thing is to know tacos. So the Madrilenian got to it. “You have me up to the bow” something like “you have me fed up”. While the following: “I shit in the milk”, but this was immediately censored by the director of the program. Why? The translation into English is more problematic due to shit (“I shit on the milk”), an expression that is not usually allowed during children’s hours. So Pe was censored.

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For the next time, we recommend the actress to teach Americans to say love phrases. Surely there are no problems like that.

The producers of the space put on screen a poster to justify why they did not translate the words of Penelope Cruz: “We can not teach translation on television”, they apologized. Next, the star presenter, for his program the greatest artists pass, decided to change the subject and leave the Spanish classes for another time.

What do you think of what happened? Something similar has happened to you.

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