Gisele Bündchen reveals why she stopped parading for Victoria’s Secret

one of the most sought-after models in the industry has been for 14 years the best paid in the world -currently ranked second after Kendall Jenner- and is considered one of the most recognizable faces of Victoria’s Secret despite wearing more than 11 years disconnected from the firm. No one can deny that Gisele Bündchen is an icon of fashion, but, as she has decided to tell now, not everything in her life is as idyllic as it seems.

The Brazilian top has just published a book a month ago in which she recounts the lights and shadows of her last years, from the depression that led to suicidal thoughts to the breast operation performed due to lack of self-esteem and to which she repents. In this autobiography has also explained what was really what led him to leave the brand of lingerie that led to his rise to fame worldwide and the curious way he had to make the decision after having gone through a stage of doubt.

Why did you leave Victoria’s Secret?

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Gisele not only worked for Victoria’s Secret for more than 7 years, but also held the prestigious title of official ‘angel’, and came to wear twice the Fantasy Bra, which this year will present on the Elsa Hosk catwalk -. In this way, he established himself as one of the most iconic models of the firm, but in 2007 and without anyone expecting it, he announced that he hung his wings. Now he has told the real reason and how he felt during all those years.

At first, she says, she was very grateful for the opportunity they gave her and was happy to be able to have economic security since her contract with the lingerie house was a millionaire, but after the first five years, she began not to feel comfortable being photographed with so little clothing. “Give me a tail, a cape, wings … whatever it is that covers me up a bit!” Reveals that he was telling the parade costume managers.

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That insecurity, together with the workload that his status implied – parades had to be added to photo sessions, attending events and promotional trips – was what led him to consider whether he renewed the agreement in 2006, and finally He took the difficult decision in a curious way.

Gisele reveals that she took two pieces of paper, wrote the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in each of them, crumpled them and put them in a cup of tea, after which she closed her eyes, picked one up and decided that she would accept it. let it out “What you choose will be the best for me and the right choice,” he says, and, as we know, he chose the paper in which he said ‘no’, so he finally left the company.

Gisele admits that this was actually the answer that both she and her body wanted to read, so she knows that she did what she had to do. However, she does not hesitate to express her gratitude to Victoria’s Secret, which not only gave her worldwide fame and prestige, but, interestingly, also led her to meet her husband , Tom Brady, as it was Ed Razek, his creative director, who He organized the blind date in which the couple saw each other for the first time.

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