Ed Sheeran, when loneliness is accompanied by 90,000 souls

When he is 70 years old, his hair falls out, his great memories fade and his hands are not able to play the guitar, Ed Sheeran can at least think, high, as he likes, that, not once, but four times, filled Wembley with 90,000 souls willing to listen to each verse sculpted by his music.

It is Wembley and his mystic who are in charge of erasing in a single stroke any hint of doubt in the eyes of the 27-year-old redhead who already knows this place and enjoys facing a stage of almost 100,000 people eager for a show.

A show that perhaps contrasts with the solitary of his figure in the center of the mythical London stadium.

He does not need a band or choirs to accompany him, Sheeran is placed with his guitar and his bearing of the lonely and shy boy. The smile escapes between chord and chord and highlights the reason for the success of a young man who is not extravagant, does not arm himself with a bizarre show, and does not need large fireworks to ignite the public’s feelings.

Without touching even the thirty, it fills his trunk of memories with three discs, to which more successful and resounding. The last, ‘Divide’ was the best-selling long of 2017 and the one he defined as “the best” of his career, so doubts about his repertoire are soon cleared when Sheeran starts to the beat of ‘Castle on the Hill ‘and’ Eraser ‘.

The first more of ‘blockbuster’ and stadium than the second, which approaches the rap with which broke into its beginnings.

To the remnants of what was in the past are joined by the successes of the present. ‘The A-Team’ brings out the romantic Sheeran and ‘Dive’, a more nostalgic and evolved one, in which the guitar pluck accompanies the voice of the Englishman, who gradually tears apart as when the London sky passes from the blue of the day to the sunset red.

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As the night took hold of Wembley, Sheeran posed his claws on his devotees, with songs like ‘Bloodstream’, ‘Galway Girl’ and ‘I’m Happier’.

He even took a short break to remember the result of Spain-Portugal of the World Cup in Russia and exclaimed “if someone is interested, they have been 3-3”, he included laughing.

Sheeran was not lacking in humor, who made fun of her inability to dance and encouraged the audience not to cut themselves when it came to singing their songs. “Sing, even if it’s out of tune”, he pointed to the thousands of spectators who took their lighters to the London sky.

Some lighters that looked more intense when “Thinking Out Loud” came to Wembley.

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Yes, Sheeran thought out loud, but he sang from within and, despite the absence of an orchestra to accompany him, he took everything the song gave of himself and left one of the most magical moments when facing the song that marked the turning point of the concert.

The sun hid definitively and the Briton gave it a more rocker air. “If I only had slow songs, my concerts would be really boring,” he acknowledged previously. His more accelerated chords accentuated the evolution of the artist and left the field prepared for the final explosion. The final fire, which had no rockets, but shots in the form of emotions.

‘Perfect’ and ‘Sing’ gave way to the encore of the night, the one that Wembley asked for and that came with the great wave that is ‘Shape of You’, sung in unison and repeated ad nauseam.

The great ‘hit’ of Sheeran, sung in the England shirt, only gave way to one more song, ‘You Need Me / I Do Not Need You’, which closed a repertoire of 17 songs that perhaps was not enough for the souls that were reunited in the mythical stadium of London.

Once finished, his image, alone, saying goodbye in the center of the stage, was the clear reflection of his music. Ed Sheeran came out, sang and ended up alone at Wembley, but her voice will never walk alone. That will be taken care of by those who will never forget you, even if you lose your hair, your voice or the ability to play the guitar. Because it filled Wembley four times in a row. Four. And at 27 years old.

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