2018 Grammy Awards: Bruno Mars, white roses against sexual abuse and more

Brunos Mars was the winner of the Grammy Awards 2018, although the white roses were also protagonists of a gala where Rihanna shone again.

The 2018 Grammys Awards have left many images for the story. The great protagonist has been Bruno Mars who has won six awards, although the gala was marked by the presence of white roses that have meant the fight against sexual abuse. Of course there was no lack of criticism of the policy of President Donald Trump . But there were many more things that we tell you next.

Bruno Mars won the 60th Grammys gala , the awards of the American music industry, which returned to New York City for the anniversary. The Hawaiian singer took the prize for the album, recording and song of the year for his work on his third album, ’24K Magic’ , beating Kendrick Lamar and Jay Z, the other main stars of the night. The truth is that we sharpen enough in our predictions .

Nearby was Kendrick Lamar, who won 5 of 7 nominations. “HHUMBLE” won the main rap awards: song, individual performance and music video. Jay-Z , who won the Grammy bets with a total of eight nominations, was in suspense until the delivery of the album of the year, but failed.

Grammy Awards 2018: White Roses

There was also solidarity with the MeToo movement, but not as much as one could think on stage. Only Janelle Monae had a few words to talk about it when presenting Kesha’s performance . “We come in peace, but neither are we going to put up with nonsense. Those who dare to try to silence us, we say it’s over, ” said the actress and singer. “We are daughters, wives, mothers, sisters and human beings. The time for discrimination is over. Harassment of any kind is over. The time for abuse of power is over, “he said. “It’s not just happening in Hollywood, it’s not just happening in Washington, it’s happening in our industry,” he said in the controversial Harvey Weinstein case .

For her part, Kesha went on stage to sing Praying with Camila Cabello and Cindy Lauper, against sexual harassment. Cabello had a memory for the famous dreamers, immigrants mostly Mexicans threatened with deportation. A support movement that Cher artist Donald Trump spearheaded long ago .

2018 Grammy Awards: Rihanna’s performance

Rihanna’s performance will also remain for the story, as she did on previous occasions . The star acted alongside DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller to play the hit “Wild Thoughts.” He was accompanied by two dozen dancers who delighted the public and social networks.

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What did you think of the Grammys Awards? Do you think it should have been more demanding?

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