How to spend time with family: the importance of being together

How to spend time with family: the importance of being together
We talk about how and why you should spend time with your family and take advantage of these moments to share activities and experiences together.

The work, the extracurricular activities of the children and in general the intense rhythm in which we live today, makes the time to be with the family much reduced. Every time more excuses are created to justify the fact of not spending enough time every day with the children, something that is a mistake and that on the other hand has a solution, because if the problem is in the lack of time, the important thing is to take advantage of maximum all those free moments that remain throughout the day. We tell you how to spend time with family.

Why you should spend time with the family

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Although it may not seem like it, children need to spend time with their parents and share moments of the day to be able to talk about their concerns, their routine, their tastes and their feelings. This makes their self-esteem improve and their development as a person in the social field be stimulated.

You should know that any time you have a chance is good to spend with family, so if you have trouble finding those times, today we will give you a few ideas that will improve your family relationship.

A family time at dinner time

With the work of the parents and the schedules of the schools, it is difficult to coincide at the time of the meal, that is why it is important to try to be all together at dinner time. This is a good time to talk about how each one has gone and to know a little more about the life of the rest of the family. And if you can also collaborate with everyone to prepare dinner and set the table much better.

Forget the phone, turn off the TV and simply connect and establish links with yours.

Family weekends

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The weekend, or at least part of it, is when you have more time, you must spend all together outdoors, practicing different activities such as taking a walk, riding a bicycle … In summer, during the holidays, there is much time and there are many ideas to make and enjoy all together.

The school’s tasks

It is important to help both the father and the mother in the tasks of the children. In this way you know how your child is doing in school, you help him improve, and while the child realizes the interest you show for him and feels more wrapped up by his family. This is very important so that it does not result in a matter of school failure; In turn, it is a perfect excuse to spend some time together as a family.

A day to play

When you have little time it is good to establish a fixed day in which to play with your children something that they are excited to share with you. It is a moment that will be waiting for you to arrive throughout the week and will make you a lot more like a family.

The daily tasks

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You can also take advantage of moments such as shopping to strengthen family ties. You can teach him to differentiate the products, tell him which foods are healthiest, and at the same time ask him about his tastes. It is a way to get to know each other better while doing other tasks that the daily routine forces us to do.

Here you have a complete guide of domestic tasks for children according to their age

Many times it happens that the children leave a little unruly, they behave badly, they do not obey and we do not know very well the reasons. Well, maybe the answer is as simple as the child is crying out to spend more time with his family. Do not think twice and start today to enjoy yours.

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