The most beautiful streets in the world

The most beautiful streets in the world

Beautiful and impressive, this is our list of the most beautiful streets in the world. Do not miss the photo gallery.

Because the streets are one of the biggest attractions of cities, today we have selected the most beautiful streets in the world. Streets that tourists photograph more and hidden corners that only lovers of cities, landscapes and streets can find. Do not miss the gallery of photos we have prepared for you. You’ll love it!

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Are you one of those who love photographing streets when they go on vacation? Then you will love the photo gallery where you will find many of the most beautiful streets in the world. Historic streets, natural walks, colorful streets, avenues full of flowers … Streets that nobody forgets and that can guide you where to go on your next vacation.

The most beautiful streets in the world
Some cities are considered the most beautiful precisely because of their spectacular streets or charming streets that leave no one indifferent to passers-by.

We have selected the most beautiful streets in different cities of the world. Sign them up and put them on your travel list, to travel them and meet them one day of your life. Some of the ones you’ll find in the photo gallery are these:

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Spain: Granada, Cordoba and Jerez de la Frontera are three cities in the Spanish territory selected for their beautiful streets of flowers, grape vines and cobblestones.

Italy: Italian cities are known worldwide for their beauty. In Burano, Venice, Rome or Spello you will find streets with so much charm that you will fall in love.

Japan: Kyoto is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in Japan, where you can find from streets full of cherry blossoms in spring, to unique bamboo walks in the world.

Portugal: the Ribera de Oporto, the Bica de Duarte Belo in Lisbon or the Umbrella Sky project in the city of Águeda will make you take this beautiful country into account for your next vacation.

Besides the beautiful streets of these cities and countries, you will find more photographs with some of the most beautiful streets in the world in cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, San Francisco and Oxford, and in countries such as Ireland, Germany, China and Morocco.

Do not miss the photographs that we have chosen with the most beautiful and beautiful cities in the world. If you like, do not hesitate to plan your next vacation to one of these emblematic environments and get your own picture of one of the most beautiful streets in the world.

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Hugs could be the key to the end of the couple’s discussions

Hugs could be the key to the end of the couple’s discussions

A study identifies hugs as the best way to cope with a couple discussion.

Nobody likes couple arguments, but sometimes certain problems that couples face are inevitable. Maybe at certain times we can not avoid the conflict, but the important thing is to learn to deal with it in an intelligent way. How? Well it seems that a good hug at the right time can be the key to ending a couple’s argument.

A study by the University of Arizona published in the journal PlosOne has shown that interpersonal approaches such as hugs can be very encouraging in a couple discussion. According to the researchers, the couples they discuss receive in a more positive way the situation when there are hugs in the conflict.

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To reach this conclusion, the researchers interviewed 404 women and men with partners every night for 14 days. The questions of the interviews focused on their conflicts and whether or not the reception of the hug occurred at some point, as well as the positive or negative affect on it.

The results of this experiment showed that people who received a hug during a couple discussion perceived the conflict to a lesser degree and even more positively than those who did not have interpersonal interaction during the discussion with their partner. In addition, the fact of having received a hug improved the perception of the conflict the next day.

“These results are consistent with the hypothesis that hugs are a buffer against damaging changes in affect associated with experiencing interpersonal conflicts , ” the study said.

The research concludes that these results on the hug do not vary between men and women, nor in the type of relationship, either in married couples or similar marital relationships, or between courtships.

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Thus, this research opens the door to new ways of resolving conflicts between couples beyond verbal communication. After all, a hug is a form of communication, which can sometimes mean a sign of affection and love during a conflict partner. Therefore, the next time you have a couple discussion, remember to give a loving hug at some point to your boy or girl, this will make the discussion not go over and offer the possibility of facing the conflict through other healthier mechanisms for your relationship

And if you need to know more methods to solve problems with your partner, we recommend you read these tips to stop fighting and learn to negotiate as a couple without getting hurt , as well as these phrases to avoid couple arguments , which can always work well together with a good hug.

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Gisele Bündchen reveals why she stopped parading for Victoria’s Secret

Gisele Bündchen reveals why she stopped parading for Victoria’s Secret

one of the most sought-after models in the industry has been for 14 years the best paid in the world -currently ranked second after Kendall Jenner- and is considered one of the most recognizable faces of Victoria’s Secret despite wearing more than 11 years disconnected from the firm. No one can deny that Gisele Bündchen is an icon of fashion, but, as she has decided to tell now, not everything in her life is as idyllic as it seems.

The Brazilian top has just published a book a month ago in which she recounts the lights and shadows of her last years, from the depression that led to suicidal thoughts to the breast operation performed due to lack of self-esteem and to which she repents. In this autobiography has also explained what was really what led him to leave the brand of lingerie that led to his rise to fame worldwide and the curious way he had to make the decision after having gone through a stage of doubt.

Why did you leave Victoria’s Secret?

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Gisele not only worked for Victoria’s Secret for more than 7 years, but also held the prestigious title of official ‘angel’, and came to wear twice the Fantasy Bra, which this year will present on the Elsa Hosk catwalk -. In this way, he established himself as one of the most iconic models of the firm, but in 2007 and without anyone expecting it, he announced that he hung his wings. Now he has told the real reason and how he felt during all those years.

At first, she says, she was very grateful for the opportunity they gave her and was happy to be able to have economic security since her contract with the lingerie house was a millionaire, but after the first five years, she began not to feel comfortable being photographed with so little clothing. “Give me a tail, a cape, wings … whatever it is that covers me up a bit!” Reveals that he was telling the parade costume managers.

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That insecurity, together with the workload that his status implied – parades had to be added to photo sessions, attending events and promotional trips – was what led him to consider whether he renewed the agreement in 2006, and finally He took the difficult decision in a curious way.

Gisele reveals that she took two pieces of paper, wrote the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in each of them, crumpled them and put them in a cup of tea, after which she closed her eyes, picked one up and decided that she would accept it. let it out “What you choose will be the best for me and the right choice,” he says, and, as we know, he chose the paper in which he said ‘no’, so he finally left the company.

Gisele admits that this was actually the answer that both she and her body wanted to read, so she knows that she did what she had to do. However, she does not hesitate to express her gratitude to Victoria’s Secret, which not only gave her worldwide fame and prestige, but, interestingly, also led her to meet her husband , Tom Brady, as it was Ed Razek, his creative director, who He organized the blind date in which the couple saw each other for the first time.

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Eroticism and intimacy: How to keep both in a long-term relationship

Eroticism and intimacy: How to keep both in a long-term relationship

During relationships, you can get to experience phases where intimacy sets aside eroticism. How to achieve a balance of both?

Why do many long-term relationships end up leaving eroticism aside? Is eroticism only possible during the infatuation phase of a relationship? Of course not, but the truth is that many stable couples can leave aside the eroticism while maintaining a good relationship of intimacy, even vice versa.

eroticism and intimacy: Are they incompatible?

It does not have to be that way since, in fact, they are a perfect match. No one can deny that emotional closeness and sexual attraction are the basis of happiness as a couple. However, why does it sometimes seem that they are like the dog and the cat?

The reasons can be diverse and evidently, the experience of each couple is different, so it is difficult to generalize. But the truth is that there are some aspects that are common in some couples and that can give some clue about the reason why intimacy and eroticism have been dissociated in the relationship.

In fact, in order to rediscover the balance between eroticism and intimacy, it is essential to review the reasons why the couple has reached a point where eroticism or intimacy is no longer an essential part of their lives. Here are some tips to maintain the eroticism and intimacy in the relationship, based on common reasons why couples leave aside one of the two.

Reconsider your beliefs about sex

One of the biggest problems couples face is their own ideas and beliefs about what sex and love mean.

The idea that eroticism is only part of the initial phase of falling in love or that a solid relationship is built exclusively on the basis of emotional intimacy only limits the enrichment and experience of the couple.

So if this is your case, put aside those preconceived ideas and begin to perceive love and sex as a whole whose existence as a whole will bring much more happiness to your relationship.

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Develop creativity

The daily routine, work, children … sometimes occupy almost 100% of the time of a couple, mainly their priorities, so that this leaves aside the creativity, essential for there to be eroticism in a relationship and even the Intimacy is fully developed.

Begin to spend a few minutes a day imagining … erotic thoughts about what you would like to do as a couple, ideas on how you could increase your intimate experience … Once you feel ready, communicate your ideas, erotic dreams, and illusions regarding the relationship.

Allow the vulnerability

Allowing oneself to be vulnerable to the other is an act of love and trust that not all couples tend to cultivate. In fact, the cuirasses are usually one of the reasons why many couples park the intimacy or eroticism of their life in common.

Being vulnerable means letting go, letting go of control, recognizing fears and doubts, recognizing what we really want and like, both sexually and emotionally.

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Reflect on your sexuality

Finally, it is essential that each of you make a reflection on what eroticism and intimacy mean for you, since the first step to have a balance between these two important aspects in your relationship, is that you get to know yourselves.

Reflect on what you understand by concepts such as sex, sexuality, eroticism, intimacy, the relationship of the couple, emotional health (as a couple) … Think about the gender roles that you have acquired during your education, mainly in school, church, and family, as well as through external constraints such as the media or friends.

Begin alone to ask yourself some key questions such as what limits me, what I feel comfortable with or not, I enjoy sex or not, what are my biggest insecurities, what is my attitude during sex (offer pleasure or what I offer), what expectations I have when we have sex or with respect to communication in the relationship … etc.

Above all, remember that communication in the couple is essential for this to survive and can form a bond in which both intimacy and eroticism are present during the relationship.

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Trump about parents of Americans murdered by foreigners: “They are separated forever”

Trump about parents of Americans murdered by foreigners: “They are separated forever”

They are called ‘Angel Families’ but against what the name may suggest are not, for example, foster families for children in vulnerable situations but a group that represents relatives of Americans killed by undocumented foreigners. Donald Trump opened the doors of the White House today.

“They are separated from their loved ones. Not a day or two or two. They are permanently separated, ” denounced the US president in an act with law enforcement officials and representatives of the association in an attempt to change the narrative after a week of national and international commotion by the images and cries of the 2,342 children separated from his parents illegally entering the country by the decision of his government.

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Surrounded by the photos, names, and surnames of these victims, Trump delves into his strategy of identifying irregular immigration with criminality although different studies testify that foreigners commit fewer crimes than the native American population, regardless of what legal status. “Your losses have not been in vain. We will make sure that their stories come to light and we will have a safer country, ” Trump has promised before speaking to the families of victims.

“My separation is permanent. My daughter Sarah will never return home, ” stressed Michelle, arriving from Iowa to report that the man who ran over her daughter, an undocumented immigrant, fled after paying $ 5,000 bail. “We started this association because we were tired of not having anywhere to go to find information,” he recalled.

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Angel Families has always found a platform in the far-right Breitbart News until recently led by Steven Bannon, former strategist of the new president. Trump came into contact with ‘Angel Families’ during the 2016 presidential election campaign, “he was one of the first to contact my family and has been there since the beginning,” the woman thanked him, holding the photo of her daughter.

Trump has put on the table some data on the crimes committed by illegal immigrants in the United States citing a report of the government of 2011 (more than 25,000 homicides, 70,000 sexual crimes, 15,000 kidnappings …) said, without specifying in what period or clarify if they have a higher crime rate than the Native American population, as hinted. Different reports indicate that this is not the case and that, on the contrary, foreigners are less prone to commit serious crimes than the rest of the population.

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Ed Sheeran, when loneliness is accompanied by 90,000 souls

When he is 70 years old, his hair falls out, his great memories fade and his hands are not able to play the guitar, Ed Sheeran can at least think, high, as he likes, that, not once, but four times, filled Wembley with 90,000 souls willing to listen to each verse sculpted by his music.

It is Wembley and his mystic who are in charge of erasing in a single stroke any hint of doubt in the eyes of the 27-year-old redhead who already knows this place and enjoys facing a stage of almost 100,000 people eager for a show.

A show that perhaps contrasts with the solitary of his figure in the center of the mythical London stadium.

He does not need a band or choirs to accompany him, Sheeran is placed with his guitar and his bearing of the lonely and shy boy. The smile escapes between chord and chord and highlights the reason for the success of a young man who is not extravagant, does not arm himself with a bizarre show, and does not need large fireworks to ignite the public’s feelings.

Without touching even the thirty, it fills his trunk of memories with three discs, to which more successful and resounding. The last, ‘Divide’ was the best-selling long of 2017 and the one he defined as “the best” of his career, so doubts about his repertoire are soon cleared when Sheeran starts to the beat of ‘Castle on the Hill ‘and’ Eraser ‘.

The first more of ‘blockbuster’ and stadium than the second, which approaches the rap with which broke into its beginnings.

To the remnants of what was in the past are joined by the successes of the present. ‘The A-Team’ brings out the romantic Sheeran and ‘Dive’, a more nostalgic and evolved one, in which the guitar pluck accompanies the voice of the Englishman, who gradually tears apart as when the London sky passes from the blue of the day to the sunset red.

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As the night took hold of Wembley, Sheeran posed his claws on his devotees, with songs like ‘Bloodstream’, ‘Galway Girl’ and ‘I’m Happier’.

He even took a short break to remember the result of Spain-Portugal of the World Cup in Russia and exclaimed “if someone is interested, they have been 3-3”, he included laughing.

Sheeran was not lacking in humor, who made fun of her inability to dance and encouraged the audience not to cut themselves when it came to singing their songs. “Sing, even if it’s out of tune”, he pointed to the thousands of spectators who took their lighters to the London sky.

Some lighters that looked more intense when “Thinking Out Loud” came to Wembley.

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Yes, Sheeran thought out loud, but he sang from within and, despite the absence of an orchestra to accompany him, he took everything the song gave of himself and left one of the most magical moments when facing the song that marked the turning point of the concert.

The sun hid definitively and the Briton gave it a more rocker air. “If I only had slow songs, my concerts would be really boring,” he acknowledged previously. His more accelerated chords accentuated the evolution of the artist and left the field prepared for the final explosion. The final fire, which had no rockets, but shots in the form of emotions.

‘Perfect’ and ‘Sing’ gave way to the encore of the night, the one that Wembley asked for and that came with the great wave that is ‘Shape of You’, sung in unison and repeated ad nauseam.

The great ‘hit’ of Sheeran, sung in the England shirt, only gave way to one more song, ‘You Need Me / I Do Not Need You’, which closed a repertoire of 17 songs that perhaps was not enough for the souls that were reunited in the mythical stadium of London.

Once finished, his image, alone, saying goodbye in the center of the stage, was the clear reflection of his music. Ed Sheeran came out, sang and ended up alone at Wembley, but her voice will never walk alone. That will be taken care of by those who will never forget you, even if you lose your hair, your voice or the ability to play the guitar. Because it filled Wembley four times in a row. Four. And at 27 years old.

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Guide to incredible museums and art spaces to visit for free in Europe

Guide to incredible museums and art spaces to visit for free in Europe

If traveling is probably one of the best investments, this list will optimize costs. Spaces full of history and art at your fingertips in Paris, London, Berlin, Saint Petersburg and Madrid

If traveling is probably one of the best investments, this list will optimize costs. Spaces full of history and art at your fingertips in Paris, London, Berlin, Saint Petersburg and Madrid


Its more than 150 museums, its architectural wealth, the history that springs from its streets and its gastronomy made Ville lumière the favorite destination for tourists in 2017, according to the World Tourism Organization. And although the French capital is also reputed to be one of the most expensive cities in Europe, there are different options to discover it without spending too much money.

Most of the national museums, such as the Louvre , the Orsay , the Pompidou Center or the Orangerie , have free entry on the first Sunday of every month. With the same modality, between November and March it is also possible to enter free of charge monuments such as the Arc de Triomphe and the Pantheon . Finally, those under 26 with a European passport always enter for free.

– Victor Hugo’s house

House of Victor Hugo (Musées de Paris)

The Place des Vosges is not only the oldest square in Paris, it was the residence of Victor Hugo . The French author moved to the second floor of number 6 with his wife Adèle in 1832. He lived there for 16 years and it is estimated that he wrote most of his famous works there, including a good part of Les Miserables . Today the house is open to the public free of charge, in what is an ode to one of the leading representatives of French literature.

* It is visited from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 6 Place des Vosges.

-Museum Carnavalet

Carnavalet Museum

Located in the heart of the Marais, on one of the most picturesque streets of Paris, the Rue des Francs Bourgeois, this museum reconstructs the history of the city from the installation of the Gauls in the Ile de la Cité to the present, with a chapter special dedicated to the capture of the Bastille and a unique model that shows how that fortress was before being burned by the revolutionaries of 1789. The bad news is that the museum will be closed until next year by spare parts, but you can still visit the gardens of the former Hôtel de Carnavalet, built in the mid-sixteenth century by the then president of the French Parliament. There are different activities suitable for all audiences.

* The visit is from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The entrance is by 23 Rue de Sévigné or 16 Rue des Francs Bourgeois.

-Museum of Modern Art

"La Fée Electricité" at the MAM in Paris

Located steps from the Trocadero gardens and one of the typical postcards of the Eiffel Tower, the museum has a vast collection of 20th and 21st century works made by artists of the stature of Modigliani, Picasso, Chagall and Boltanski . Two of the three versions of La Danse by Matisse are there, like the iconic La Fée Electricité , a mural of 600 square meters which are represented figures like Thomas Edison and Pierre and Marie Curie . Opacado by the weight of museums like the Louvre or the Orsay, the MAM is one of the best kept secrets of Paris. And it’s free.

* It is visited from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Thursdays it is open until 22 a.m., avenue du Président Wilson.

-Petit Palais

"Self-portrait with oriental costume", by Rembrandt

The building of the Petit Palais, like that of the Grand Palais that is just opposite, was specially built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900. Two years later, it became the Museum of Fine Arts in Paris. Most of his paintings belong to French painters of the eighteenth and nineteenth century, with references to romantic style, artistic realism and impressionism as Fragonard, Géricault, Delacroix, Courbet, Pissarro, Monet, Renoir, Sisley and Cézanne . It is also the home of Rembrandt’s famous self-portrait with oriental costume .

* Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Avenue Winston Churchill.


The English capital is also one of the most expensive cities in Europe and the entrance to most of its museums costs 10 pounds sterling. But, fortunately for tourists, the three best options to visit are free.

-British Museum

British Museum

From the Rosetta stone, thanks to which the hieroglyphics, the mummies of ancient Egypt and the Assyrian sculptures of the isolated bulls to the friezes of the Parthenon were deciphered, the British Museum gathers exhibited historical and archaeological pieces that belong to the heritage of the humanity and whose return continue claiming today countries like Greece. In the meantime, visitors can enjoy them and see in person pieces of universal history.

* It is open every day from 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Great Russell Street.

-National Gallery

National Gallery in London

With more than 2,300 paintings, it is one of the most important art museums in Europe. The collection includes the extensive period of the 13th century until the beginning of the last century, with paintings by Michelangelo, Botticelli, Raphael, Rembrandt, Titian, Velázquez, Van Gogh, Monet and Gauguin . The building is located in the heart of Trafalgar Square, the nerve center of London.

* Open every day from 10 to 18, Fridays until 9 pm. Trafalgar Square .

– Tate Britain and Tate Modern

Permanent exhibition at the Tate Modern

While the temporary exhibitions are paid and, usually, not at all economic, the heart of both Tate is free and worthwhile. A donation of two pounds sterling is usually requested from visitors, but it is not mandatory to enter. In the Tate Britain, there is a permanent collection of British artists from the sixteenth century to the present, while the Modern, as its name suggests, is reserved for works from the 20th century onwards, with paintings by Picasso, Warhol and Dalí .

* Tate Britain opens every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Millbank.
Tate Modern opens every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays until 22. Bankside.


The German capital is one of the biggest cultural poles in Europe par excellence. Surrounded by the remains of the wall, which has become a patchwork of art and history throughout the city, Berlin houses more than 200 museums of all kinds. And although none offer pieces of the height of the door of Ishtar as the Pergamon Museum, many do not cease to be interesting and, in addition, have free admission.

– Museum of the Allies

Museum of the Allies

It is the best testimony of the years when West Berlin was under the wing of the United States, the United Kingdom and France after the Second World War and during the Cold War years. The facilities were an old cinema and library that were available to American troops. And one piece of information: Checkpoint Charlie’s last checkpoint is there; the one that is located in the iconic place is just a recreation.

* The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Clayallee 135



The place recreates a flat like those that could be found in the German Democratic Republic in the times of the Cold War. The apartment is located in the outskirts of Berlin and preserves its original furniture, consisting of elements from the 70s and 80s. In fact, it gives the impression of being in the abandoned house of a family of that time, as if its members had gone without taking anything.

* You can visit only on Sundays in the period from 14 to 16 hours. Hellersdorfer Straße 179.

-Museum of Military History of the Armed Forces

Aviation Museum

Also known as the Museum of Aviation, it exhibits aircraft that were used during the two world wars, which constitutes a true record of the country’s black history. In the place, there are also models, maps, uniforms and documents used by the German military aeronautics. Also, a review of the aviation in Germany is made and there is a special section dedicated to the air bridge that existed between the West Berlin and the rest of the country.

* It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Am Flugplatz Gatow 33.


St. Petersburg

The Hermitage of Saint Petersburg

The capital of the Russian Empire is where different writers and artists met during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries until the October Revolution of 1917 razed its foundations and the political and cultural center moved to Moscow. Despite this, the city retains much of its prerevolutionary past in the monumental buildings of Baroque and Neoclassical style. And even more, it has been named the city of museums, many of them dedicated to the history, painting and Russian literature of the imperial era. The magnificent Hermitage complex is free on the first Thursday of each month.

-Nabokov’s house

House of Nabokov

In St. Petersburg, you can visit the houses where writers like Pushkin, Dostoyevsky and Akhmatova lived , but the only one with free admission is Nabokov’s. The author of Lolita and English translator of the famous poet Alexandr Pushkin , was born in that place, located a few blocks from the Hermitage Museum. There he lived until he was 17, when he went into exile with his family after the Revolution of 1917. In some of his novels, such as the autobiographical Other Rivers and Speech, memory , the writer makes descriptions of what was his home, which is not maintained intact, but enough to remember it.

* The museum opens from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Bolshaya Morskaya 47


Prado Museum

The Prado Museum opens its doors free of charge every day from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and on Sundays from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. On the other hand, the Reina Sofía Art Museum provides free admission on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. 21, Sundays from 1:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. and four exceptional days: April 18, May 18, October 12 and December 6.

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All you need to know about the new extension of paternity leave

All you need to know about the new extension of paternity leave

Paternity leave is the period allowed by law for parents to enjoy and reconcile family and work life in the event of the birth, adoption or placement of a child.

In 2017, paternity leave was extended to 4 uninterrupted weeks, which can be extended to two more days per child from the second, on a full-time or part-time basis. On the other hand, women can enjoy 16 weeks of maternity leave.

As a novelty, the Government intends to extend paternity leave to one more week for next year. That is, babies born after January 1, 2018, can enjoy more time with their parents.

What is paternity leave?

The paternity benefit protects by means of an economic subsidy that the workers have included in the General Scheme or in the Special Social Security Schemes, who take advantage of the suspension of the work contract, or cessation of the paternity activity , in case of birth, adoption or fostering, with prior notice, justification and acceptance notified by the company.

How many days are paternity leave?

If your child is born during 2017 you will have 4 weeks of paternity leave to enjoy them consecutively or alternately, plus two days belonging to the birth, expandable two days per child from the second. After the pact between the Popular Party and Citizens has been extended from four to five weeks from January 1, 2018.

All you need to know about the new extension of paternity leave

Parents can enjoy these days with their new family, as long as they are within nine months after delivery. Once this period ends, you will lose the days that remain and are not cumulative to a new paternity.

Requirements to enjoy paternity leave

In order for dads to enjoy paternity rest days, they must be allies and registered in Social Security, have paid 180 days within the last 7 years or 360 days throughout their working life, and be up to date with the payments that are the responsibility of the workers.

How much can we charge?

As long as we enjoy paternity leave, we have the right to collect 100% of the regulatory base. Speaking in silver, to know how much belongs to us we will have to divide the salary before the withholdings between 30 days. The payroll they take into account is just the one before the birth or adoption of the baby.

When can I start the permit?

Working parents can enjoy paternity leave or from the end of the permission for the birth, adoption or fostering; or from the end of the maternity leave, within nine months after the birth.

How to process paternity leave?

To process paternity leave can be done in two different ways:

  • Through the Internet, if you have a digital certificate or electronic ID you can process the application by registering in “Your Social Security”.
  • Or, in a traditional way presenting the request by making an appointment in the INSS Office.

What documentation should I submit?

The documentation you must provide to enjoy the permit in all cases is:

  • ID or supporting document.
  • Original and copy of the certificate of the company where the date of the beginning of the days for paternity is indicated in the case in which the company has not sent it through the RED System.
  • Bank account number.
  • Application form (pdf)

Image result for paternity leave

In case of birth: you must provide the large family book, although this document will be extinguished during 2017, or Certification of the child in the Civil Registry.  If it is about adoption or fostering: the judicial resolution will be necessary.  If you are a large family, you must also add the large family title or your proof.  In the case that you want to enjoy the free days partially, you must present the agreement where the agreement between the company and the worker is expressly stated.

Hopefully, little by little, it will be equal to the maternity leave and the labor conciliation become a reality.

If you need more information, you can check the Social Security website

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Countries where gay weddings can be celebrated

Countries where gay weddings can be celebrated

More than twenty countries where gay weddings can be celebrated around the world. The Netherlands opened, in 2001, the path to recognizing a right.

We go around the world to visit the countries where gay weddings can be celebrated. A right, that of marriage between people of the same sex (same-sex marriage or equal marriage), which can be legally exercised in more than twenty countries. A figure that shows that equality and recognition of rights are taking steps, but that there is still much to be done.

The Netherlands was the first country in Europe and the world to legally recognize gay marriage, coming into force in 2001 (although it was approved in 2000), when the first four legal weddings were held in Amsterdam. Since then, a score of countries has done the same. Spain was the fourth country in the world to legalize it.

Legal homosexual marriage in Europe

The Netherlands: As we have pointed out, it was the first country in the world to recognize the right to marriage between same-sex couples.

Belgium: The second country to recognize this right, in 2003.

Image result for Countries where gay weddings can be celebrated

Spain: Approved in 2005, the first gay wedding was held on July 11 in Tres Cantos, Madrid.

Ireland: Approved by popular consultation, in 2015.

France: Recognized since April 2013.

Luxembourg: The law came into force in January 2015. Its prime minister, Xavier Bettel, was the first European head of government married to another man.

Iceland : Homosexual marriages are legal since June 2010.

Portugal: Legal since May 2010, and in 2016 it was extended to authorize the adoption.

Sweden: Homosexual marriage is legal since 2009, and even admits homosexual religious weddings.

Norway: The law was passed in 2008, and entered into force on January 1, 2009.

United Kingdom: A law, passed in July 2013 and applicable in England and Wales, allows weddings between people of the same sex.

Scotland: Since February 2014.

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Denmark: In 1989 it recognized civil unions, and since 2012 a law recognizes same-sex marriage, both civil and by the Church of Denmark.

Finland: After the law will be rejected by popular referendum, Finland joined in 2014 the list of countries that approve gay marriage.

Slovenia: Since 2016, a law recognizes the right of marriage for homosexual couples, after rejecting it in 2015 by referendum. The legislation, however, does not recognize the right to adoption or artificial insemination.

Italy: The Chamber of Deputies of Italy passed the law in 2016, but does not recognize the right to adopt.

Greece: Since 2015 recognizes civil unions, but not marriages.

Germany: In June 2016, the German Parliament gave its approval to the law.

Homosexual marriage in the United States and Canada

United States: The Supreme Court legalized homosexual marriage throughout the United States in 2015, although these unions were already accepted in more than thirty states.

Canada: Recognizes gay marriage by law since 2005, being the first country in the American continent to legalize it.

Legalization of homosexual marriage in Latin America

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Brazil: Legalized in 2013 by the National Council of Justice.

Argentina: The first of the Latin American countries, being approved by law in 2010.

Uruguay: The Equal Marriage Law was approved by the Uruguayan Parliament in 2013.

Colombia: Since 2016.

Chile: Legal since 2015

Puerto Rico: The unions are legal since 2015.

Mexico: Permits unions between people of the same sex when they are processed before a judge.

Colombia: Homosexual marriage was approved in 2016 by the Constitutional Court.

Bolivia: Transsexual and transgender marriage was recognized, but not homosexual.

Legalization of gay marriage in Asia, Africa, and Australia

South Africa: Approved by Parliament in 2016.

Israel: despite allowing these unions, they do not call them marriages.

New Zealand: Unions between people of the same sex are recognized since 2013.

Australia: 61.6% of Australian citizens voted in November 2017 YES to same-sex unions, they also say “yes to love”.

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How to improve communication with children: The keys

How to improve communication with children: The keys

Discover the keys to improve communication with children and build a relationship based on mutual trust. How to improve communication with children is one of the concerns of parents, especially as they grow up. Communication is the key to cementing a strong, sincere and trust-based relationship between parents and children. It is not only about dialogue, but especially about listening to children.

Maintaining good communication favors the self-esteem, security, and motivation of children, and this relationship of trust with parents will openly address the most sensitive issues, such as talking about sexuality, for example. These are some of the keys to improve communication between parents and children.

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How can I improve communication with my child?

Listening with attention, asking for opinions and empathizing are key when it comes to facilitating communication with others, and extended to the relationship between parents and children. Being a parent is a task of constant learning, and encouraging a fluid communication generating a climate of trust is fundamental to openly express emotions and feelings.

Listen to the children

Practicing active listening is a priority advice. Children and adolescents need to be heard, without being interrupted and using an appropriate tone of voice, and knowing that their parents pay attention to them. In the same way, we should not downplay their problems or concerns. It may be a minor issue from our perspective of adults, but not from that of the child or adolescent. Dialogue fosters understanding to reach agreements with children.

Avoid judging

Listen without judging and avoiding giving tax opinions, especially when children talk openly about their feelings. In the same way that we must avoid judging in advance the behavior of our children, we must avoid imposing opinions. Being an authoritarian parent can generate the same insecurity and lack of self-esteem as exercising too protective parents.

Respect the silences

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There are situations in which, as parents, you have to know how to be patient and not insist if the child or adolescent does not want to talk.

Be clear when speaking

Forget about the little lies that parents tell their children and always be clear when speaking, using precise and concrete language, and choosing phrases to encourage your children and give them security.

Give example

Sincerity is an important pillar of communication between parents and children, which implies being consistent between what we think, say and do. Being honest also means knowing how to apologize to children when we make a mistake. Our behavior will not go unnoticed for them.

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