The things that hurt men the most

The things that hurt men the most

The lack of humility and trust are some of the things that hurt men the most, in it. Today we tell you

It is difficult to talk about the feelings of men. They are seen as strong, manly and without giving importance to the little things in a relationship. Taboo topics for them that are great unknown to us. Today, in Ella Hoy, we reveal the things that hurt men the most and that they never dare to tell us. Do not lose detail that there are some very simple to solve.

What hurts the most for men

Love, that wished and hated feeling that becomes the object of study of science to try to understand it. And once again it seems that it makes advances and brings to light hidden mysteries. This time we talk about how they feel and what bothers them most in a relationship:

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The independence

Research from the University of Nottingham reveals that men feel anxious about women who are too independent. You work, you contribute money at home, you have initiative. Everything is perfect and they value it. But it’s the little things like never letting them pay the restaurant bill or feeling that they are not useful as men, which make their world falter. So you know, chivalry does not hurt anyone and it does a lot of good.

Problems at work

If you notice your weird guy and you do not know what is happening to him, he is probably uncomfortable in his work. One of the things that most hurts a boy is seeing himself in a work environment that does not fill him enough or in which he has no chance of improving.

The money

To this is added the economic instability: lack of income, little savings … It is another issue that usually takes away your sleep. If you see that this is what your boy is worried about, try to cheer him up without removing the subject. As you well know, most of them find it hard to talk about the issues that affect them.

That you do not realize your effort

Normally, we are the ones who demand the most in a relationship. We try to make everything perfect and sometimes we do not value the efforts our partner makes to try to please us. Something that we must take more into account so that they feel loved and valued.

Make them empty

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This is very easy to avoid and is something they can not stand. She is in a bar with your boy and you meet with colleagues at work, you talk to them without introducing your boyfriend … If you think about it well it is something that would bother us a lot.

Leave him alone

He probably would not admit it, but if you leave him alone on a birthday, a dinner with his family or any other event, he will feel abandoned. So if you do not have a good excuse, play the role of a good girlfriend even if you do not like the appointment. They also do it for us!

The self-esteem

Unless he asks you, it is better not to comment on his wardrobe, tastes, family, friends, and others. And if he asked you, do it always in a soft and subtle way. That you do not like how you saw lately? Try saying something positive: “How handsome are you when you wear a shirt …”

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The distrust

Questions type “where have you been?”, “Why are you so late?” They make them feel that you do not trust. It is good that you ask him about his day and where he has been when leaving work, but in a friendly and non-recriminating tone.


Many times we are more proud of what we think and it costs us to apologize when we have been wrong in something. This is something that also hurts them, the times when we do not know or do not want to ask for forgiveness. Usually, in this aspect, they are more sensitive and have no problem recognizing their mistakes.

As you can see they are easy things to solve to try to avoid hurting the man we love. Would you add something else?

FDN approved $ 730,000 million in credits to boost the 4G

FDN approved $ 730,000 million in credits to boost the 4G

The Board of Directors of the FDN approved $ 730,000 million for the 4G Program, of which $ 575,000 million is for senior debt credits and $ 155,000 million in liquidity lines.

The National Development Bank (FDN) explained that it is working on the continuation of the mobilization of resources from other sources of financing such as international banking, which participates directly and with the peso funding instrument, and also the mobilization of debt funds. local to complete the financial closures.

This is how the financial institution approved a credit of senior debt with a term of up to 14 years for $ 403,000 million for the Ruta del Cacao project (Bucaramanga-Barrancabermeja-Yondó). And a credit of senior debt for up to $ 172,000 million to 13 years for the project and Transversal del Sisga.

The FDN also approved a $ 105,000 million liquidity line with a term of up to 24 years for Ruta del Cacao and a liquidity line for up to $ 50,000 million for the Transversal del Sisga project.

According to information from the FDN, the Ruta del Cacao project will improve the mobility conditions between the Santander region and the Magdalena Medio region, also connecting the route with Ruta del Sol. And it seeks to reduce the time Travel time from Barrancabermeja to Bucaramanga in about an hour.

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“This will improve accessibility conditions to the municipality of Barrancabermeja and its area of influence,” the FDN said.

It must be said that this route covers a total of 189.04 kilometers, of which 80.84 kilometers are construction and 108.2 kilometers are for improvement and rehabilitation of the existing road. It also includes the construction of 16 bridges, 2 viaducts and 2 tunnels with a combined length of 5.95 kilometers, and the design, construction, and improvement of 15.6 kilometers.

According to information from the National Development Bank, the project will generate approximately 9,800 new jobs during the construction phase, directly benefiting 10 municipalities and an estimated population of 1.5 million inhabitants.

Meanwhile, the sponsors of the project are RM Holding, an infrastructure company that belongs to the Colombian Infrastructure Fund, MC Victorias Tempranas, which is a company of the Mercantile Colpatria Group, and Cintra Infraestructuras Colombia, a company of the Spanish company Ferrovial. The specialists of the project are Constructora Colpatria and Ferrovial Agromán.

Another project that is advancing the entity is Transversal del Sisga. A project that passes through Casanare, Boyacá, and Cundinamarca, contemplates the rehabilitation of 15 tunnels by 7 kilometers, 53 bridges and the designs of the third phase of the project.

It is worth mentioning that Transversal del Sisga connects with the Villavicencio-Yopal highway and the Briceño-Tunja-Sogamoso highway. It also provides road alternatives to connect the center of the country with the eastern plains. According to the FDN, the initiative will contribute to improving travel time, going from 5.3 hours to 4.8 hours and reducing costs, compared to the Transversal de Cusiana, whose function is also to connect the center of the country with the east.

In this case, the sponsors are Grupo Ortiz and KMA Construcciones. Additionally, the renewal of the bank guarantee was approved for up to Ch $ 44,800 million to KMA Construcciones.

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Loans to companies for cleaning Bogota

FDN granted a credit of senior debt $ 40,000 million Clean City. This company has an 8-year concession for the collection of unusable waste, the sweeping and cleaning of roads and public areas, the cutting of grass and pruning of trees in public areas, the containerization, the washing of public areas and the transportation of the waste to the final disposal sites in the city of Bogotá.

One third of British shops raise prices because of “Brexit”

One third of British shops raise prices because of “Brexit”

32% of British businesses have increased the prices of their products as a result of the “Brexit”, published today the Certified Institute of Purchases and Supplies of the United Kingdom (CIPS, for its acronym in English).

The uncertainty caused by the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU) is behind this phenomenon, which is being directly accused by consumers a year before the formal departure of the United Kingdom from the EU.

The weakness of the pound, significant since the referendum of June 23, 2016, has made it more expensive to import the materials necessary for production, affecting the generic cost of supply chains.

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Given this situation and in view of the “devastating” cost of “Brexit”, businesses “have no choice but to transfer some of their expenses to consumers to protect their profit margins,” said John Glen, one of the CIPS economists.

The results of the Institute are based on a survey of 2,204 supply chain supervisors, the professionals in charge of negotiating with suppliers and customers in the United Kingdom, both nationally and internationally.

The answers obtained also indicate that facing the future, 41% of the British companies plan to increase their prices to compensate for the possible costs of the “Brexit”.

Likewise, 23% of the businesses in this country said that they plan to reduce their workforce to cover the losses, which could be reflected in the level of unemployment in the United Kingdom, currently situated at 4.4% of the active population.

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On the other hand, 42% of European supply chain supervisors consider that British products “do not stand out”, which endangers British exports if the UK exit agreement does not benefit these transactions.

The United Kingdom and the EU reached an agreement yesterday on the transition period, of about two years, which will begin once London leaves the European bloc on March 29, 2019.

With this agreement, which still has to be ratified by the leaders of the club of 27, it is expected to help companies and citizens prepare for the new relationship between both parties.

Sylvester Stallone, the last celebrity to whom networks give for dead

Sylvester Stallone, the last celebrity to whom networks give for dead

The mythical Rambo and Rocky are not dead, he still has many battles and wars to deal with. However already part of the famous dice for dead on social networks.

He is not dead. Sylvester Stallone has been forced to deny his death after a strong rumor spread on social networks announcing his death. It is not the first, nor the last, famous that is presumed dead in the RRSS. Of course, the mythical Rambo and Rocky answered resounding but also with a bit of irony. Do not miss it.

We already know that as a matter becomes viral you are lost. In this case, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter published the news of the death of Sylvester Stallone. The hoax extended so much that the interpreter, who is now 71 years old, had to put an end to speculation. “Please ignore this stupidity. With life, well, happy and healthy. Still hitting! “, He wrote on his Twitter and Instagram profiles.

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The message of the death was accompanied by a viral image in which he claimed that he had died as a result of a “prostate cancer, which he had kept secret. ” And finally it was all because in her last film they did a good job of makeup and hairdressing to get into the role of a character. You have to remember that Stallone lost his son of just over 30 years ago five years ago.

So, long life to the mythical Rambo, who at the moment feels the legs perfectly. It is not the first time that a celebrity is left for dead on social networks.

Famous that social networks killed

Miley Cyrus

Back in 2009, the hoax said that Cyrus had died as a result of a traffic accident. The singer denied the news by charging against the rumors that run about her daily: “What happened this week? Am I pregnant or dead? You need to be a little more creative. ”

Woody Allen

The director was the first undead of 2017. The hoax went to such an extent that even the date of his death was detailed in Wikipedia (free online reference encyclopedia) and even a Facebook page was created. It is clear that there is a lot of free time.


The president of the United States is another one who loses his life on Twitter every day. One of them caused a lot of stir because the information came from the authentic twitter of a serious medium, FOX News.

Justin Bieber

According to Twitter, the pop idol died in a rather scabrous way: killed by one of his security guards, who shot him a shot between his eyebrows.

Avril Lavigne

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According to a hoax, the Canadian singer died in 2002 and was supplanted by an actress named Melissa Vendella.

Bustamante or Bisbal have also gone through this bad drink. You have to be very careful with these issues and above all, contrast the news we read on social networks. This is recommended by Jon Bon Jovi, another die for dead.

How to forget your ex: All the app to get it

How to forget your ex: All the app to get it

Do not you know how to forget your ex? With these apps, it will be much simpler. Take advantage of 2.0 technology and erase your ex-boyfriend from your mind once and for all.

Do you want to overcome once and for all your last break and forget your ex? Sometimes it seems impossible because all the time you find your photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … your friends have it as a friend and you always see some comment from them, a notification or update that brings back memories can appear at any moment … But quiet, Fortunately, technology not only makes things worse for us, it helps us. That’s why we bring you the best apps to help you forget your ex. Point!

As there are applications to make us better selfies, there are also a few apps that can help you with the arduous task of forgetting your ex, either because they help you find another person or because they help you erase all traces of your presence in social networks.

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Ex-Lover Blocker

If you are an iPhone user, with this app you can block your ex’s phone number so you do not make mistakes that you later regret. Make sure you will not call him and that he will disappear at the end of your life because if you decide to call him, this application will send a message on Facebook to all your friends alerting them that you have fallen … A bit drastic, but maybe it works for you.


There is no better saying than that that says ‘a nail is removed with another nail’. And sometimes you have to listen to popular wisdom and start acting. With Tinder, the online dating app, you can meet new people, possible appointments and have fun going back to the battle of love. An entertaining way to forget your ex once and for all. In addition, they organize exclusive parties, pilates meetings and much more all over the world … Do you want to miss it?

Never Liked it Anyway

It is not exactly an application, rather it is a website where you can get rid of all the memories of your ex. How? Selling them! Yes, instead of throwing them out, take advantage of them by transforming them into money with which you can buy something new for you. The Valentine’s gifts, the gift of your first anniversary, your birthday gifts, your favorite hunter that gave you … Sell it all. Ideal for disenchanted couples and stay so comfortable.

Drunk Dial

This application is perfect if you usually make mistakes when you are drunk. Maybe recently you have broken and it has already happened more than once that you called him on Saturday night with a few more glasses. Well, Drunk Dial will save your life, because before you can click to call it, this application will do a sobriety test and block calls if you realize that you are not at your best. Incredible but true!

Breakup freedom

The application of the applications to overcome a break. It helps you not to contact your ex and gives you advice on broken hearts. It has Ex Call Gate call blocking features that help prolong the period without contact, you can receive quotes and comments from other broken hearts, optimistic listings to overcome it and much more … The only downside is that it is in English. Available only for Android.


Do you want to erase all traces of your ex-boyfriend on Facebook? With this app, you can delete photos, videos and even comments and interactions without having to block it. Your option is this application for both iOS and Android, which collects all the information of that person on Facebook, and in a single click will disappear everything you do not want to see again.

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In addition, you will not see the updates of your state, but all this without the need to block it on Facebook, showing that you can continue to be your friend in this social network, although, in reality, you do not know anything else about this person. Of course, it also has the possibility of a reconciliation, allowing to recover all the information, since it only hides it, does not erase it.

Call Blacklist

A free application for Android, it allows you to block all the calls and messages of the person you wish to forget, taking it to a “blacklist”, so you will not be tempted to take a call from this person, a clear sign to know if you are ready to return to being single .


For those who think it is “better to prevent than cure”, it is better to get used to using this application downloaded on your Android or iOS mobile, because it allows you to destroy any photo or video right after sending it, so you will not leave any trace on your mobile which then you will find

There are many ways to overcome a disappointment in love, but in the era of social networks is a bit more complicated, for the thousands of ways we have to connect with each other, so try downloading some of these applications and finally forget your former. Which one are you going to try?

Coaching to stop being homosexual: The scandal of reparative therapy

Coaching to stop being homosexual: The scandal of reparative therapy

Nothing more to think about reparative therapy or ‘heterosexual re-affirmation therapy’ (as the self-named ‘coach’ Elena Lorenzo calls it, which considers homosexuality as something that can be overcome) the scene of the second season of Las Chicas del Cable (Attention, Spoiler!), when Sara, the sentimental partner of Carlota reveals that he feels like a man and goes to a clinic where they offer him ‘help’ with an unknown and taboo subject in Spain of the 20’s. Sara, excited to see how everything will turn out, ends up confined in a psychiatric institution that aims to ‘cure her illness’ through drugs and electric shocks.

“At no time do I use techniques that provoke rejection or disgust at their sexual orientation because I assure you that does not work!” Said Elena Lorenzo on her website as a response to the demand imposed by the Arcópoli collective in 2016, a few days later of the approval of the regulations against LGTBIfobia of the Community of Madrid on August 11 of the same year.

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Of course, electrodes and drugs do not work in the 21st century, but perhaps a subtle language that alludes to homosexuality as a “tendency”, affirms that “we are born heterosexuals” and that “people who experience AMS (‘attraction to people of the same sex ‘, according to the coach) do not choose it”, be much more persuasive in the current times. Perhaps it works better than the ‘rejection’ or the ‘disgust’, if we think about his previous words, although they maintain the same background: a feigned homophobia in the invention of a therapy not endorsed by the scientific community.

Its main argument is that it can help homosexual people to “detect (the) causes that led them to a certain orientation”. Even in the testimonies that appear on their website and that no one can testify if they are real, they are spoken from this perspective:

“The AMS is not a sexual problem, it is the result of deep wounds that must be identified and worked to stop being wounded” (…) “I think that the AMS was a mental excuse that I had for certain types of self-thoughts. destructive or certain behaviors ” says one of the testimonies that allegedly managed to ‘leave behind homosexuality’ thanks to the omnipresent guide of the coach (whom they call mentor), as if heterosexuality was the only correct path in life.

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And we call her coach because at least that’s how she presents herself: “Certified Professional Coach by the Lider-Haz-Go school in Madrid, Spain and by AECOP and Certified Coach in sexual orientation by PATH – (Positive Approaches to Healthy Sexuality) USES”. If it’s true or not? We do not know because the ‘healer of homosexuality’ (as some call her to mock) does not have a physical address where to find her (we wonder if she will pay taxes). In fact, already in 2016, the newspaper El País tried to contact her without success. What’s more, Acrópoli told the newspaper that it was a television reporter who informed them that it could be a scam and that this person constantly changed his address.

In this article, it was said that the website had stopped working, but the truth is that it is operational again and although most of the publications are old (many of 2014), there are several recent publications. The last of December of 2017.

In the media, there is no information about what happened with this complaint or why Elena Lorenzo continues to spread a message that threatens the rights of the LGBT community and of all human beings.

Makeup for afternoon weddings: The basic tips

Makeup for afternoon weddings: The basic tips

How to put on makeup for an afternoon wedding. Take good note of the following tricks to wear a perfect evening bridal makeup. Look radiant on your wedding day!

From the natural look to the most sophisticated makeup for evening weddings that will complete the perfect bridal look. Combining the hairstyle and the style and color of the wedding dress, the makeup tones should enhance the best features of your face. Make-up that can be more intense if you get married in the afternoon, leaving soft and neutral colors for tomorrow’s weddings.

Evening weddings invite you to bet on shades of metallic or beige tones, highlighting the look with mascara and eyeliner. It is not advisable to risk or exceed the wedding makeup because we can achieve the opposite effect. Before deciding on the final makeup, it is a good idea to do a test to see which is the most that favor us and best combines with the bridal hairstyle, the accessories, and the dress.

Makeup for evening wedding

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These are the proposals to look perfect and hit the makeup for an evening wedding, for all styles of the bride.

Natural makeup for girlfriend

For brides who opt for a simple and natural look, it combines neutral tones and subtle touches of color. Line your upper eyelid with a brown eyeliner and a strip of dark brown mascara; and for the cheeks, a touch of rouge. Lipgloss in pink or light brown.

Makeup smoky eyes for girlfriend

Image result for wedding Makeup smokey eyes for girlfriend

A sophisticated touch with smoked eyes, although it is an evening wedding to wear smoked eyes lighter. To apply makeup, medium to dark gray eyeshadow in the crease, spreading it towards the forehead. You can print a touch of color to your eyes by applying a medium shade of color, such as plum or orange.

Vintage makeup for girlfriend

Image result for wedding Vintage makeup for girlfriend

Vintage-style weddings continue to set trends and inspire bridal makeup. You can apply a clear eyeshadow, adding a sharp black line drawn with a liquid eyeliner. Apply black mascara on your lashes to highlight your look. Regarding the lipstick, you can opt for a brown pencil to enhance your lips and match the retro makeup of your eyes.

Metallic eyes makeup

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From the classic shades of silver, gold, and bronze, with combinations of colors, such as black and champagne. The eyeshadows of two colors also set a trend to surprise with makeup and provide a fun touch, from combinations of pink and purple to blue and green.

Ways in which the father can help during breastfeeding

Ways in which the father can help during breastfeeding

We inform you about each and every one of the ways in which the father can help during breastfeeding. Supporting the mother and the baby, being patient and taking care of the rest of the children are fundamental tasks that the father can do during breastfeeding.

The role of the father in breastfeeding

If you have decided to breastfeed your child, it may seem at first sight that it is only your work and that the father does not intervene at all, or only does so to give you emotional support. Well, there are many things that the father can do to help you during breastfeeding.

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Breastfeeding support

Let’s see first of all, what it means to give support during breastfeeding. It does not mean just that your partner gives you the love you need, but also can go a step further, and for this, you need information; information about breastfeeding and its many advantages, about the bond that is established between mother and child and about the hard work that is.

She is one of the people that best know you, so it is never too much for her to be by your side in those moments when you see everything in a more pessimistic way, especially when sleepless nights begin to take effect. Words of love, understanding, and gestures of complicity that comfort you.

Here you can see the most comfortable and effective positions for breastfeeding.

Skin-to-skin contact

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As you well know there is a way for a good position for breastfeeding, skin-to-skin contact is essential in babies; the father can be by your side while you breastfeed your little one, a simple caress is enough for the baby to feel the tenderness. In turn, you can let your partner cradle the baby as he finishes sucking, this will also give you a break.


You have already realized that breastfeeding on demand requires almost all your time, so it will be almost impossible to attend to the home. The father can help during the lactation by taking charge of the house so that you can breastfeed and rest in the times that are free.

The mimes

Mimes to your son, of course, but also to you. The father can help a lot during breastfeeding with small gestures such as offering a juice or tea in those times when you have your child in your arms while you breastfeed. Sit comfortably on your couch with your baby in your lap and let the father pamper you both.

Affection, support, collaboration, and understanding are vital tasks of the father during breastfeeding.

How to spend time with family: the importance of being together

How to spend time with family: the importance of being together
We talk about how and why you should spend time with your family and take advantage of these moments to share activities and experiences together.

The work, the extracurricular activities of the children and in general the intense rhythm in which we live today, makes the time to be with the family much reduced. Every time more excuses are created to justify the fact of not spending enough time every day with the children, something that is a mistake and that on the other hand has a solution, because if the problem is in the lack of time, the important thing is to take advantage of maximum all those free moments that remain throughout the day. We tell you how to spend time with family.

Why you should spend time with the family

48x48 family

Although it may not seem like it, children need to spend time with their parents and share moments of the day to be able to talk about their concerns, their routine, their tastes and their feelings. This makes their self-esteem improve and their development as a person in the social field be stimulated.

You should know that any time you have a chance is good to spend with family, so if you have trouble finding those times, today we will give you a few ideas that will improve your family relationship.

A family time at dinner time

With the work of the parents and the schedules of the schools, it is difficult to coincide at the time of the meal, that is why it is important to try to be all together at dinner time. This is a good time to talk about how each one has gone and to know a little more about the life of the rest of the family. And if you can also collaborate with everyone to prepare dinner and set the table much better.

Forget the phone, turn off the TV and simply connect and establish links with yours.

Family weekends

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The weekend, or at least part of it, is when you have more time, you must spend all together outdoors, practicing different activities such as taking a walk, riding a bicycle … In summer, during the holidays, there is much time and there are many ideas to make and enjoy all together.

The school’s tasks

It is important to help both the father and the mother in the tasks of the children. In this way you know how your child is doing in school, you help him improve, and while the child realizes the interest you show for him and feels more wrapped up by his family. This is very important so that it does not result in a matter of school failure; In turn, it is a perfect excuse to spend some time together as a family.

A day to play

When you have little time it is good to establish a fixed day in which to play with your children something that they are excited to share with you. It is a moment that will be waiting for you to arrive throughout the week and will make you a lot more like a family.

The daily tasks

Image result for Family

You can also take advantage of moments such as shopping to strengthen family ties. You can teach him to differentiate the products, tell him which foods are healthiest, and at the same time ask him about his tastes. It is a way to get to know each other better while doing other tasks that the daily routine forces us to do.

Here you have a complete guide of domestic tasks for children according to their age

Many times it happens that the children leave a little unruly, they behave badly, they do not obey and we do not know very well the reasons. Well, maybe the answer is as simple as the child is crying out to spend more time with his family. Do not think twice and start today to enjoy yours.

US secretary clarifies statements that have generated criticism and devaluation of the dollar

US secretary clarifies statements that have generated criticism and devaluation of the dollar

The secretary of the US Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, had to clarify on Thursday the statements given by him yesterday, when he talked about the advantages of a “weak dollar” for the US economy, sparking harsh criticism from analysts and a devaluation currency. During a press conference yesterday in Davos, Switzerland, where he participates in the World Economic Forum, Mnuchin said a weak dollar was “good for trade and economic opportunities”

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The statements made the US currency depreciate yesterday in the foreign exchange market compared to other major world currencies. The retreat was held today in the midst of Wall Street. In attending a debate organized today by the US broadcaster “CNBC” in Davos, Mnuchin explained that the comments made reference to the short-term evolution of the value of the dollar, not in the long term. “In the short term, I do not worry about the dollar situation because it oscillates,” he said in the program. “There are benefits in the short term with a dollar with a lower value,” added the secretary of the Treasury.

In the long run, however, Mnuchin said he was betting on the strength of the dollar as the reserve currency of the international system. “And it will continue to be, taking into account the confidence in the American market,” he said. Yesterday’s statements were met with surprise by US analysts. The Wall Street Journal has published an editorial with several criticisms of Mnuchin. “The man whose signature is on the dollar tells the world he wants his value to be less so that the US can retaliate against its neighbors in trade,” the Journal wrote in the editorial.

Image result for generated criticism and devaluation of the dollar

The text earned the title “Making the Dollar Fragile Again,” an irony to President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again.” The “Journal” stated that the US does not live in an “economic bubble” and must resort to the external market for manufacturing production. Therefore, a fragile dollar would disrupt the country’s competitiveness and benefit foreign rivals. Mnuchin denied that his statements on the currency were a change of government policy. However, in the campaign, Trump also stated on some occasions that he thought the dollar was highly valued.

“It may be slightly different from what the former Treasury secretaries said,” Mnuchin said. The dollar was also suffering in the currency market today because of new decisions announced by the Federal Reserve, which includes the possibility of prolonging monetary stimulus to the country’s economy after the financial crisis of 2008.