As I began this journey by researching the USS Liberty, never did I believe that it would take me through such troubling discoveries.  I was not a “conspiracy theorist” and although I held certain resentments to the controlled Hollywood establishment, I was not and am not “anti-Jewish” or “anti-Semitic.”  I am, however, very pro-American and resolute in combating discrimination in all forms, including Jewish favoritism and Zionist pressure tactics – which I feel are destroying America, in favor of globalism.

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Our nation is the greatest ever built and has the incredible potential to truly lead the world to peace and prosperity by being a fair and just role model.  However, the United States should not encourage the creation of a “new world order.”  The very concept is un-American and implies universal control.  We must respect the sovereignty of other nations, and resist all efforts that would destroy our traditions, values, and freedoms.

I believe that conspiracies have brought us to this very dangerous and vulnerable time.  With the troubled background of the Jewish race, it has been relatively easy for an influential few to covertly direct the actions of their groups by embracing a racist creed, playing on fears of persecution, and branding valid criticism as “anti-Semitic.”  With sophisticated organizational skills, they have been able to present a collective power and profit materially.  As individuals aiding each other, they have been very effective in gaining positions of influence in all walks of life¼especially in business, law, medicine, finance, entertainment, and politics.  They have gained ownership or management control of the mass media and through this have gained a great degree of influence over the political landscape and the attitudes and beliefs of the public at large.  By embracing Zionism, they were able to create a racist state that was postured sympathetically to the American public, but which in reality has been an oppressive state run by regimes of former terrorists.  The state of Israel seeks to build an empire in the Middle East, which will not only dominate their neighbors and the oil-rich region but the entire world by way of puppet regimes and mass media influence over the public.  That plan is very much in accord with “The Protocols of the Elder’s of Zion” and must be prevented.

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Many people are starting to recognize and associate our international problems today with America’s strange relationship and overwhelming support for Israel.  Likewise, many people are beginning to question the Jewish connection to other changes in our country.  The overwhelming majority of Jewish people are good but unfortunately have been used to promote an agenda for world domination.  As general public awareness increases and American patriotic resistance develops against the New World Order, there will likely be a backlash against the Jewish people.  My appeal is to the Jewish community to address these issues by placing America first, rather than Israel and Jewish identity, and take the lead in correcting the current injustices and imbalances by restoring our Constitutional Republic.  The power of the Jewish community could be successful in short order and gain the respect and admiration of, not only other Americans but nations everywhere.  They could help restore American credibility and achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East with positive ramifications throughout the world.  The Jewish people must somehow overcome the internationalist designs of their leaders, and give their first loyalty to America and its traditional libertarian doctrines.  Will this happen?  With current conditions and trends, it is doubtful – but I pray that it does, so the American dream can live on.

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