When one looks beyond mainstream U.S. media coverage and begins to discover the realities in Palestine, it is a shocking revelation.  We, who have always prided ourselves on standing up for the little guy, are responsible for supporting the bully on the block, Israel.  Most Jewish people are compassionate and would be very disturbed to know what is really going on in Palestine.  They have undoubtedly been asked to contribute financially to Israel and to support the political activities of various lobbyist organizations.  If they only knew the truth – of how they and the American public have been deceived, they would demand an immediate change to our foreign policy.


A brave journalist, Alison Weir, created a website, which contains startling facts about the situation in Israel/Palestine and the one-sided media portrayals, which have exacerbated it.  The best and probably only periodical publication which gives comprehensive and fair reporting to the situation in Israel/Palestine is The Washington Report on Mid East Affairs. 

The atrocities committed daily by the Israelis against the Palestinians are staggering.  Palestinians are corralled like animals and prevented from free movement, even to their own lands and places of work.  Separation barriers, gates and fences restrict them from access to necessary services.  Well-funded settlers move into Palestinian areas to claim their lands and possessions.  The Palestinians are literally being starved into submission in an effort to ultimately drive them away.  They cannot govern their own affairs unless approved by Israel.   The U.S. taxpayer pays for these oppressions and for the military weaponry that subjugates the Palestinian people.  When desperate Palestinian youths fight back, they are shot and labeled as terrorists.  Their irrational suicide bombings are virtually all that we hear about in the U.S. mainstream media.  Ms. Weir has startling facts on how unfair and disproportionate the reporting actually is¼with only a small percent of Israeli abuses reported, against a very high percentage of Palestinians acts of terrorism.  Part of this is a result of the Associated Press and other international or state news agencies having their offices located in Israel, or screened by a pro-Israeli editor prior to general distribution.  It is amazing that anyone even knows about Rachel Corrie, the beautiful American girl who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer as she tried to defend the home of a Palestinian.  Where is the appropriate and fair media coverage and why is there no outcry from our political leadership?


While we were engaged in the trumped-up war against Iraq and now during its deadly occupation, Israel continues to kill Palestinian resisters and innocent bystanders and incarcerate thousands of Palestinians without any charges or due process.  They attack Lebanon at will and threaten to attack Iran if it continues to develop nuclear capabilities.  The U.S. and Israel feel that they can deny nuclear capabilities to others, even for peaceful purposes.  Meanwhile, Israel defies all international calls for inspection of its nuclear weapons program and refuses to join the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.  Humanitarian rights organizations are continually condemning Israel, while the American public is blinded by media smokescreens and unknowingly continues to support Israel’s racist and inhumane actions.

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