Vietnam is probably the first example in our nation’s history when the military did not have the patriotic support of our civilian populace.  The war was unpopular because we had enacted the draft and our involvement lacked a clear just cause, and also because the military was denied the resources to quickly win it.  On the news each night, we could witness the horrors of war, while the costs in human lives and to our economy mounted.  Vietnam only benefited certain business interests and was a great diversion from the more important challenges facing America.

There are many parallels between Vietnam and Iraq, two unjust wars in which the U.S. should never have been involved.  Neither war was in America’s best interests, and the military, in both cases, was faced with a dilemma; do they loyally support a civilian leadership, which has clearly shown that it does not have the nation’s or the service person’s best interests in mind, or do they stand up in protest?  One of the worst Presidents in our nation’s history was Lyndon Johnson.  Not only was he ruthless and self-serving, but he was disloyal to our troops and would not listen to advice from the military leadership.  It was a time when Generals did not have the conviction to stand up for what was right.  Colonel H. R. McMaster’s Dereliction of Duty is the best study on this.


Military personnel are taught to never question orders, unless obviously illegal.  In the case of political deceits, illegality is never easy to ascertain and not within the realm of a soldier’s expertise or duty.  During Vietnam, had the Generals, who were in the know, stood up to President Johnson’s deceits and abuses, and resigned in protest, the outcome of our involvement may have been much different.  By resigning or retiring from military service, a soldier is no longer obligated to silence, and when they know of serious transgressions by our leadership, they should speak up. Unfortunately, President Bush signed an executive order, no doubt unconstitutional, forbidding government employees from whistle blowing.  Thankfully, several senior officers at least expressed their opposition to our campaign in Iraq and to the poor leadership of Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, eventually resulting in his replacement.  Others, while remaining on active duty, are increasingly reflecting their views through their chain of command.  We have been losing many good Americans for no just cause and everyone must help put a stop to this political chicanery.

Our current senior officer corps has served our nation with the highest distinction through two Iraq wars and other campaigns.  Other former officers now occupy high posts in various agencies of our government.  We do have capable leadership and hopefully they will stand up for America and exert a true patriotic influence on a political landscape, which has been treasonously misshapen by Neocon influencers.  Thankfully, some service academy graduates are trying to reveal the truths about the deceptions, which led us into Iraq and subverted our foreign policy to Israel’s benefit and to select business interests.  A few formed Service Academy Graduates Against the War.  Their goal is to help reclaim the honor of the United States of America through truth and honorable actions and to be a voice for active duty graduates who are not in position to speak out.

Of other concern is how our Academies, as premiere training grounds for our officer corps, are potential targets for subversion.  Recently, two brothers of Israeli origin went to West Point with backgrounds suggesting they were American.  How this happened should be addressed.  After serving short tours, they formed security companies, which gained contracts with the NSA and Department of Defense.  In complex manner, they and other Mosad spawned companies infiltrated our highest levels of government and have essentially handed the keys to our most sensitive computers and communications systems to Israel.

At a West Point class reunion, a friend and General officer, commented that he had to return to his post early, as he had an Israeli delegation to give a VIP tour to.  This concerns me in light of the fact that there is an imbalance in the exchange of information and, in fact, there should be no exchange of information with Israel.  Former Mosad officer, Victor Ostrovsky, in his book By Way of Deception reveals how the Mosad has worked to undermine American security interests and often endears and imbeds itself with the American military and government agencies to gain classified information and to leverage for Israeli interests.  He cites examples, which indicate that this is never reciprocated in a balanced way by their military or intelligence services.  More recently it has been revealed that Israel has stolen US technological secrets and sold them to China.


Currently, our military services are comprised of a very small percent of Jewish men and women¼much less than 1%, as opposed to 2-3% of the general population.  This could be accounted by a cultural proclivity against military service, except interestingly more American Jews have volunteered to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces than in our own forces.  Despite this low representation at the troop level, U.S. senior command positions are heavily staffed by Jewish Americans, including: Chief of Staff of the Air Force, GEN Norton Schwartz (the first never to have served as a fighter or bomber pilot); Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, GEN Robert Magnus; and Chief of the National Guard Bureau, LTG H. Steven Blum (who formulates, develops, and coordinates all policies, programs, and plans for over a half million Army and Air National Guard personnel).  Other military officers, being selected for high-command, are showing an increasing, and discomforting, level of support for the Zionist agenda.  It has recently been reported by The Washington Post that Pentagon sources indicate that over 20,000 Army personnel will be assigned to domestic duties by 2011, in the event of terrorist activities or natural calamities.  This seems to potentially be in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act and strikes fears of a developing police state where our military might be used against our own civilian populace.   Strange timing, since our borders have been wide open to immigrants since 9/11, while our military occupies and protects the borders of other nations.

Of additional concern for our military is the prospect that abuses have been and are continuing to be committed at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and elsewhere.  Soldiers, under stress and without positive leadership, can resort to brutal behavior.  All wars are hell and can bring out the worst in individual human nature.  America has always prided itself on striving for better.  It is most distressful that our Congress passed and the President signed into law “The Military Commissions Act of 2006” – for it violates the principle of “habeas corpus” and will encourage further abuses, similar to Israel’s treatment of Palestinian detainees.  Likewise, “The Patriot Act” provisions can victimize innocent people and deny them due process and protections normally afforded under the law.  These are serious transgressions by our political leaders.  We must demand better of our lawmakers and hope that our Judicial branch fulfills their responsibilities fairly and in accordance with our Constitution in challenging these unfair laws.  Increasingly, however, court rulings seem to defy logic, fairness and reasonable Constitutional interpretation.  This is partially due to the nature of the political appointment process and a lack of subsequent oversight.  The American Free Press, a weekly publication, is one of the few national publications still espousing traditional American rights and responsibilities, and has been a beacon against these growing abuses of power – in all branches of our government.

On a final note of grave consequence for our military is the experimentation and use of inhumane weapons.   In both Iraq wars there is evidence that the US used depleted uranium weapons.  The direct consequence is excessive and latent cancers and bizarre birth abnormalities occurring to Iraqis and to American servicemen and their families.  Now there is evidence that Israel has used phosphorous bombs against the Lebanese as well as tens of thousands of cluster bomblets, which remain dispersed throughout the countryside and will continue to kill innocent civilians.  These weapons have been introduced despite being in violation of the protocols of the Geneva Convention or other international bodies.  Long term effects of these weapons will be devastation to those populations and their environments.  Israel is also using an experimental weapon against Palestinian civilians, which is similar to a U.S. developed weapon called the DIME (Dense Inert Metal Explosive).  These weapons cause amputations and severe burns and are also believed to be carcinogenic.  This is reprehensible and violates all sense of humanity.  Unbelievably, their use continues in the current Gaza massacres and is not being condemned by America’s leadership or media.

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