Things are very wrong in The United States of America.  Most citizens know it, yet they do not have a grasp on the severity of our situation.  We, the most prosperous nation on earth, are deeply in debt.  The once most beloved country on earth is now the most hated.  Our economy lingers precariously while we fight ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and threaten Iran, Syria, and North Korea.  Our military personnel are exposed to increasing dangers and are being manipulated and betrayed by a government which does not have America’s best interests at heart.  The foundations of this great nation are under assault in favor of a “New World Order” which ultimately seeks to destroy our nation’s sovereignty and our individual freedoms and create a global socialist entity hidden behind the illusion of democracy.  This study will attempt to shine a light on the forces which are behind this bizarre herding of the masses, and why.


Among the public, trust in our political leaders (of both major political parties) is virtually non-existent.  According to recent surveys, the percentage of Americans who say they trust the President and Congress is shockingly low (20-30%).  We know that we have been lied to by our public servants and this trend continues, yet no one seems able or willing to do anything about it.  A controlled and propagandist media is the principal barrier to gaining the truth and is increasingly the lead agent of our subversion.  The family unit is fighting disintegration and our moral compass is under continual downward adjustment.  Our education system is being hijacked away from local teachers and administrators and placed under the control of government bureaucrats, whose political dictates supersede the instructional priorities of school districts.

A pluralist society, such as America has become, can thrive with mutual respect and fairness.  However, when immigration laws create excessive social and economic upheaval and use of a common language is forsaken, we are setting the stage for racial and ethnic conflict and the demise of our nation.  The Christian religion, which figured so prominently in our creation and growth, has been under relentless assault through judicial and legislative actions and media disparagement.  Traditional and family-friendly institutions, such as the Boy Scouts, are continually on the defense against ACLU supported homosexual ambushes or other non-traditional threats.  Strange and relatively new biblical interpretations by evangelical leaders are disingenuously steering the Christian community to ardently support Zionism, thereby condemning Islam and any hopes for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East.


From a timeline perspective, it is increasingly plausible that an ongoing conspiracy of international oligarchs, using activist organizations, the media, and political puppets, as their principal agents, are behind many of history’s destabilizing events and the problems we face today.  Over the last century, Anarchists, Communists, Fascists, and Zionists have ruthlessly promoted destructive agendas.  Influential, and often unwitting or desperate Jewish constituencies have been virtually hijacked to serve their needs, while other groups ignorantly acquiesce.  To deny conspiracies is to deny human nature, and to dismiss, without study, the force of international financiers, is to dismiss our current situation and the recordings of history.  Unfortunately, where profit and power are at stake, human ruthlessness has no bounds and the global chess game can take on apocalyptic dimensions.

However, an informed people can neutralize the fears and trauma caused by these conspirators and their destructive acts.  The Republican system can work peacefully, we can take back our country, correct our course, regain our liberties, and influence other nations through positive example.  But this can happen only if corrupting forces are harnessed and brave individuals light our way back to the path of humanitarian greatness.

What motivates me to write this treatise is faith in the prevailing goodness of an informed mankind and belief in a loving and all-powerful God.  I am a product of “The American Dream” and still believe in the future of this country.  I believe in our “Pledge of Allegiance” and hope that our children can continue to experience  “One Nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.”

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