The best way to destroy a proud and strong nation is to radically alter its demographic make-up.  Unbridled immigration is the quickest way to do that.  With an influx of different ethnic groups, religions, languages, and customs, the traditional unifying elements are undermined.  America has always welcomed strangers to her bosom.  Those seeking a new life, free from oppression, were her lifeblood.  Heavy immigration in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s caused problems, but the immigrants were people who wanted desperately to assimilate into America, to learn the native language and to contribute to her productivity.  With their contributions, America became the greatest nation on earth¼the melting pot.  We were still overwhelmingly Christian and of European descent, and those minorities, who were not, were respectful of that heritage.  However, the invasion of immigrants during that period caused alarm and eventually led to responsible immigration reform in the 1920’s.  These reforms saved this country from potential ruin and brought stability and profitability to America.  However, during the progression of years thereafter, several movements would grow to undermine traditional American (and Christian) values and demographic interests through the infiltration of our schools, media, and government.  The communist-centric “Frankfort School”, the “Fabian” socialists, the “Boas” anthropology movement, Darwinism, and the promotion of Freudian theories would all attack the conservative American belief system and break apart the family unit.  Organizations such as the NAACP would emerge – founded and managed by a Jewish leadership.  This organization and countless others would begin systematic legal challenges to America’s existing social norms and begin a process of cultural division.


During the height of the civil rights movement in 1965, President Lyndon Johnson ushered in Immigration reform, which would destroy the order that we had achieved from 1924 on.  Subsequent immigrants wouldn’t hold the same level of respect for traditional American values and their admittance would not be merit-based.  They did not suit America’s true needs and were predominantly non-European derived.  This would forever upset the American demographic and ultimately our economic supremacy. Contrary to socialist’s interpretations, national homogeneity is key to a nation’s strength, stability, and long-term viability.  In 1967, our population reached 200 million.  In just 39 years after that milestone, our population grew to over 300 million – a staggering increase of 100 million people, mostly due to immigration.  With existing trends and no change to our immigration laws, the population is expected to top 400 million by 2043.  By the year 2050 (since revised to 2042), the Census Bureau projects that European derived peoples will no longer be a majority of the population of the United States.  This is a radical change – from over 90% European-American to less than 50% in just 75 years.  What will this do to the wealth of America and to the quality of life of our indigenous citizens?  Productive American jobs will continue to disappear and we will take our seat in the theater of a global Third World.  This is accelerated by our submission to NAFTA, GATT and other trade agreements, which clearly do not favor the interests of America or its workers.

During 2006, at an immigration overpopulation conference held in Washington, DC, the former Governor of Colorado, Dick Lamm, silenced the huge audience with his eight points to destroy America.  The audience realized that a methodical pluralist plan is quietly and pervasively destroying us and will not cease until immigration reform is enacted.  Author Victor Davis Hanson in his book, Mexifornia, explains how immigration is destroying California and how it will roll across the country until it destroys all vestiges of the American Dream (26).  In LA County, according to the Los Angeles Times – 40% of all workers work for cash and do not pay taxes, 95% of Warrants for Murder are for Illegal Aliens, two-thirds of all births are to Illegal Aliens on Medi-Cal, paid for by taxpayers, nearly 60% of HUD property occupants are Illegal, and of 10.2 million people only 5.1 million speak English.

While many of these illegal immigrants are just seeking a better way of life, the quality of life of our existing population suffers and enforcement of our laws is made more difficult.  Were we to protect our borders and guide other nations by our positive example, those nations would be inspired to better deal with their internal problems and alleviate many of the conditions that create discontent and exodus.  Of great concern also in this age of increasing terrorism is the threat that we are allowing potential enemies to infiltrate us and bring their foreign allegiances into our communities.  Moles can easily embed themselves into communities when populations are in constant flux.  Also, unquestionably, the drug trade has taken off due to cross-border operations by drug cartels and Hispanic gangs.


Unquestionably, America should immediately remove the incentives for illegal immigration.  Birthright citizenship was intended for legitimate circumstances, not for pregnant mothers to sneak across our borders and have “anchor babies” to gain benefits and citizenship for their families.  This must be ended, as must our Federal Government’s demands that states and their hospitals pay for medical services to illegal immigrants and the education of their offspring.  Illegal immigrant children currently can attend our schools without question, whereas American citizens must prove their eligibility and even provide proof of immunizations before they can attend any classes.  Many government programs provide scholarship opportunities for illegals, and, at the same time, deny eligibility to our own citizens.  We penalize our own people, while we encourage and reward illegals.  Unbelievably, illegals can also collect Social Security benefits, even when they have never contributed.

Why have certain forces been promoting immigration, both legal and illegal? Disloyal business interests may want to exploit cheap labor and avoid their fair tax burdens.  Other groups seek pluralism in America for their own reasons.  Kevin MacDonald writes that “there is a perception among Jews that a multicultural society will be a bulwark against anti-Semitism”.  He details how concerted Jewish actions over the last century have influenced immigration policies.  “Reflecting the long Jewish opposition to the idea that immigration policy should be in the national interest, the economic welfare of American citizens was viewed as irrelevant; securing high levels of immigration had become an end in itself”.  This self-serving attitude must change if the American nation is to survive.


Wilmot Robertson’s “The Dispossessed Majority” accurately foretold, in the 1970’s, of the traumas that were in store for traditional European-Americans if third world immigration was allowed to continue unabated.   European nation-states have also experienced similar invasions and are threatened with familial, racial, religious, cultural, and even national extinction.  With the overriding actions of the European Union and pluralist organizations, the white race and its historically distinct and progressive cultures are being systematically destroyed.  Like a kid placing red ants in a jar with black pants, global elites are defying national architectures to unnaturally pit various ethnic, religious and cultural groups against each other.  This is not by accident.

If one considers globalist plans for a New World Order, then the destruction of national sovereignty must weigh in.  History has shown that no nation can survive any prolonged period of multiculturalism and multiracialism, especially when there no longer exists a common language, nor common values.  European-Americans built this great country and, due to their cultural similarities, were able to assimilate.  Today’s “diversity” is forming America into a “Tower of Babel” with no national unity or common respect.

Many now substantiated reports indicate that the North American Union is not a figment of conspiracy theorist imaginations, but has been the planned and agreed upon merging of the US, Mexico, and Canada by the national leaders (without the knowledge or consent of Congress or the American people).  A currency replacement, the Amero, has actually been created for issuance after the planned demise of the existing national currencies.  These actions are treasonous and the American people would rise up in revolt, demanding justice, if they only knew the facts.  Unfortunately, the same forces, which own our corrupt politicians, own the mainstream media and deny any substantive discourse on these issues.

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