Many conspiracy theories have evolved over the centuries in response to history’s cataclysmic events.  These most often originate in response to the actions of secret groups, many with ancient occult origins, believed to be operating for financial gain and power.  The Illuminati and other groups, some associated with Freemasonry, have often been accused of organizing and implementing mass dissentions.  With the leaders at the top often protected from the actions at the bottom, these organizations have been very effective and through a system of establishing various levels of secret initiation are hidden from any general awareness, even by their own membership (which believe they are supporting noble causes).

From the French Revolution until the early twentieth century, this most often took the form of undermining Catholicism in Europe and orchestrating the overthrow of Monarchs through anarchy.  The Jewish connection to these groups is strong and many books have been written which contain overwhelming evidence in support of these conspiracy theories.

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Some of the most thought-provoking books include; The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed, Secret Societies & Subversive Movements by Nesta Webster, and The Secret World Government by Count Cherep-Spiridovich.   Reed’s perspective is particularly revealing in that he was a world-renowned journalist during the first half of the 20th century.  His career seemingly died overnight, when he began to write of happenings from a historical perspective.

The power of these conspiratorial movements grew substantially in conjunction with the growth of Zionism in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  Their ruthlessness was most obvious during the Russian Revolution when Bolshevists led the overthrow of the Czar and brought that country to despair through the barbaric imposition of Communism.  The leaders of these communist movements were largely Jewish.

Many theories relate to international financiers controlling the political arena through economic leveraging – most effectively begun with the deceptions and deeds of Amschel Mayer (who changed the family name to Rothchild).  During the Nineteenth Century, the Rothchild clan and associates were notorious for funding conflicts between nations and gaining power, if not control, through manipulations of key members of the various governments.  Despite the best intentions of many government servants, the human factor can easily intercede, and the general public’s best interests can be betrayed.  As George Washington said, “Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”

To relate this to current times, one only has to read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins.  It is clear how corruption has grown from an individual and familial level to the organized subjugation of nations.  The leverages imposed by ruthless individuals and companies, wealthy governments, and through such organizations as “The World Bank”, “International Monetary Fund,” and The United Nations are incredible.  The financial tools for empire building have certainly not always served the best interests of American citizens, but have padded the coffers of certain business interests and leveraged for a one-world economy by exploiting the human vices of representatives of target nations.

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International financiers are certainly not all Jewish and the overwhelming majority of Jewish people are not conspirators.  That said, I do believe that the American Jewish community has been manipulated over the last century by a number of influencers to support a Zionist agenda, which serves internationalists’ designs.

A climate of fear has been developed throughout the ages and perpetuated in the Jewish Ghetto communities through racist Talmudic indoctrination.  Kevin McDonald, in his excellent study The Culture of Critique, writes “¼intense hatred of perceived enemies appears to be an important psychological characteristic of Jews”.  Nesta Webster, in Secret Societies & Subversive Movements adds, “In reality nothing is crueler than to encourage in the minds of a nervous race the idea of persecution; true kindness to the Jews would consist in urging them to throw off memories of past martyrdom and to enter healthfully into the enjoyment of their present blessings.

Jewish fears are very real however and history has shown varying levels of persecution throughout the ages, the most significant in recent times being Nazi persecutions before and during WWII.  While there is no doubt that the Jews were persecuted during Hitler’s reign, there is also an ongoing reevaluation of events and many revisionist historians are increasingly questioning the origins and extent of the Holocaust.  The case of Ernst Zundel is of particular interest.  He was a Canadian publisher of German origin, who published Did Six Million Really Die?  He was subsequently accused and prosecuted under an old “false news” clause (determined to be unconstitutional years later). The two trials, which took place in the 1980’s, received scant and one-sided press in the US but raised serious concerns about free speech.  Robert Lenski’s The Holocaust On Trial is a most startling account of the trials.  In it, many expert witnesses refute the accuracy of earlier findings, thus casting serious doubts on the truthfulness and extent of generally accepted accounts of the Holocaust and on the fairness and conduct of the Nuremberg trials.  We should in no way minimize the horrors of that era, but we should also be careful that falsifications and exaggerations are not promulgated to benefit certain groups and disadvantage others.  Particularly disturbing is the increasing loss of individual freedom that has resulted by restricting or disallowing historical inquiry.  Truth does not fear investigation, yet in Europe, thousands of people have been fined or incarcerated for merely questioning the growing inconsistencies of the Holocaust story.  One German judge, in sentencing a Holocaust “denier”, went so far as to declare that “truth is no defense”.  Enormous sums of reparation payments have funded the nation of Israel and any loss of validity to these claims could endanger Israel’s future and increase public scrutiny over their own oppressive actions.

Zionist leaders have often used a combination of fear and “chosen race” supremacy to mobilize the Jewish population and apply pressures where needed to promote the Zionist agenda.  This is most apparent today, through the vast network of Jewish organizations (such as the Anti-Defamation League), which are always on the look-out for potential threats and working to promote Jewish and Israeli interests, often while subordinating America’s best interests.  When threats are thus perceived, their networks are activated to fight and destroy it even when the threat was unfairly perceived or is an unjust business or political maneuver.  Within the Jewish community, these individuals, as “Sayanim”, are called upon to give their aid to any call for protecting Jewish interests.  This is sometimes employed by the Israeli Mossad.  While these servants may sometimes be considered traitorous in their actions against America, they are considered loyal to their Jewish/Israeli brethren and that is their first priority.  Alfred Lilienthal, in his thorough analysis, The Zionist Connection II. What Price Peace?, makes the disturbing observation that Americans of the Jewish faith are increasingly giving their first loyalty to the state of Israel over that of the U.S.  Many American Jews are made to feel guilty for not choosing to migrate to their “homeland” of Israel.  To compensate, they donate large sums of money and apply significant pressure on American politicians to sanctify Israel, increase foreign aid to Israel, and shield Israel from any scrutiny.

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