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The things that hurt men the most

The lack of humility and trust are some of the things that hurt men the most, in it. Today we tell you

It is difficult to talk about the feelings of men. They are seen as strong, manly and without giving importance to the little things in a relationship. Taboo topics for them that are great unknown to us. Today, in Ella Hoy, we reveal the things that hurt men the most and that they never dare to tell us. Do not lose detail that there are some very simple to solve.

What hurts the most for men

Love, that wished and hated feeling that becomes the object of study of science to try to understand it. And once again it seems that it makes advances and brings to light hidden mysteries. This time we talk about how they feel and what bothers them most in a relationship:

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The independence

Research from the University of Nottingham reveals that men feel anxious about women who are too independent. You work, you contribute money at home, you have initiative. Everything is perfect and they value it. But it’s the little things like never letting them pay the restaurant bill or feeling that they are not useful as men, which make their world falter. So you know, chivalry does not hurt anyone and it does a lot of good.

Problems at work

If you notice your weird guy and you do not know what is happening to him, he is probably uncomfortable in his work. One of the things that most hurts a boy is seeing himself in a work environment that does not fill him enough or in which he has no chance of improving.

The money

To this is added the economic instability: lack of income, little savings … It is another issue that usually takes away your sleep. If you see that this is what your boy is worried about, try to cheer him up without removing the subject. As you well know, most of them find it hard to talk about the issues that affect them.

That you do not realize your effort

Normally, we are the ones who demand the most in a relationship. We try to make everything perfect and sometimes we do not value the efforts our partner makes to try to please us. Something that we must take more into account so that they feel loved and valued.

Make them empty

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This is very easy to avoid and is something they can not stand. She is in a bar with your boy and you meet with colleagues at work, you talk to them without introducing your boyfriend … If you think about it well it is something that would bother us a lot.

Leave him alone

He probably would not admit it, but if you leave him alone on a birthday, a dinner with his family or any other event, he will feel abandoned. So if you do not have a good excuse, play the role of a good girlfriend even if you do not like the appointment. They also do it for us!

The self-esteem

Unless he asks you, it is better not to comment on his wardrobe, tastes, family, friends, and others. And if he asked you, do it always in a soft and subtle way. That you do not like how you saw lately? Try saying something positive: “How handsome are you when you wear a shirt …”

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The distrust

Questions type “where have you been?”, “Why are you so late?” They make them feel that you do not trust. It is good that you ask him about his day and where he has been when leaving work, but in a friendly and non-recriminating tone.


Many times we are more proud of what we think and it costs us to apologize when we have been wrong in something. This is something that also hurts them, the times when we do not know or do not want to ask for forgiveness. Usually, in this aspect, they are more sensitive and have no problem recognizing their mistakes.

As you can see they are easy things to solve to try to avoid hurting the man we love. Would you add something else?

Sylvester Stallone, the last celebrity to whom networks give for dead

The mythical Rambo and Rocky are not dead, he still has many battles and wars to deal with. However already part of the famous dice for dead on social networks.

He is not dead. Sylvester Stallone has been forced to deny his death after a strong rumor spread on social networks announcing his death. It is not the first, nor the last, famous that is presumed dead in the RRSS. Of course, the mythical Rambo and Rocky answered resounding but also with a bit of irony. Do not miss it.

We already know that as a matter becomes viral you are lost. In this case, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter published the news of the death of Sylvester Stallone. The hoax extended so much that the interpreter, who is now 71 years old, had to put an end to speculation. “Please ignore this stupidity. With life, well, happy and healthy. Still hitting! “, He wrote on his Twitter and Instagram profiles.

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The message of the death was accompanied by a viral image in which he claimed that he had died as a result of a “prostate cancer, which he had kept secret. ” And finally it was all because in her last film they did a good job of makeup and hairdressing to get into the role of a character. You have to remember that Stallone lost his son of just over 30 years ago five years ago.

So, long life to the mythical Rambo, who at the moment feels the legs perfectly. It is not the first time that a celebrity is left for dead on social networks.

Famous that social networks killed

Miley Cyrus

Back in 2009, the hoax said that Cyrus had died as a result of a traffic accident. The singer denied the news by charging against the rumors that run about her daily: “What happened this week? Am I pregnant or dead? You need to be a little more creative. ”

Woody Allen

The director was the first undead of 2017. The hoax went to such an extent that even the date of his death was detailed in Wikipedia (free online reference encyclopedia) and even a Facebook page was created. It is clear that there is a lot of free time.


The president of the United States is another one who loses his life on Twitter every day. One of them caused a lot of stir because the information came from the authentic twitter of a serious medium, FOX News.

Justin Bieber

According to Twitter, the pop idol died in a rather scabrous way: killed by one of his security guards, who shot him a shot between his eyebrows.

Avril Lavigne

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According to a hoax, the Canadian singer died in 2002 and was supplanted by an actress named Melissa Vendella.

Bustamante or Bisbal have also gone through this bad drink. You have to be very careful with these issues and above all, contrast the news we read on social networks. This is recommended by Jon Bon Jovi, another die for dead.

FDN approved $ 730,000 million in credits to boost the 4G

The Board of Directors of the FDN approved $ 730,000 million for the 4G Program, of which $ 575,000 million is for senior debt credits and $ 155,000 million in liquidity lines.

The National Development Bank (FDN) explained that it is working on the continuation of the mobilization of resources from other sources of financing such as international banking, which participates directly and with the peso funding instrument, and also the mobilization of debt funds. local to complete the financial closures.

This is how the financial institution approved a credit of senior debt with a term of up to 14 years for $ 403,000 million for the Ruta del Cacao project (Bucaramanga-Barrancabermeja-Yondó). And a credit of senior debt for up to $ 172,000 million to 13 years for the project and Transversal del Sisga.

The FDN also approved a $ 105,000 million liquidity line with a term of up to 24 years for Ruta del Cacao and a liquidity line for up to $ 50,000 million for the Transversal del Sisga project.

According to information from the FDN, the Ruta del Cacao project will improve the mobility conditions between the Santander region and the Magdalena Medio region, also connecting the route with Ruta del Sol. And it seeks to reduce the time Travel time from Barrancabermeja to Bucaramanga in about an hour.

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“This will improve accessibility conditions to the municipality of Barrancabermeja and its area of influence,” the FDN said.

It must be said that this route covers a total of 189.04 kilometers, of which 80.84 kilometers are construction and 108.2 kilometers are for improvement and rehabilitation of the existing road. It also includes the construction of 16 bridges, 2 viaducts and 2 tunnels with a combined length of 5.95 kilometers, and the design, construction, and improvement of 15.6 kilometers.

According to information from the National Development Bank, the project will generate approximately 9,800 new jobs during the construction phase, directly benefiting 10 municipalities and an estimated population of 1.5 million inhabitants.

Meanwhile, the sponsors of the project are RM Holding, an infrastructure company that belongs to the Colombian Infrastructure Fund, MC Victorias Tempranas, which is a company of the Mercantile Colpatria Group, and Cintra Infraestructuras Colombia, a company of the Spanish company Ferrovial. The specialists of the project are Constructora Colpatria and Ferrovial Agromán.

Another project that is advancing the entity is Transversal del Sisga. A project that passes through Casanare, Boyacá, and Cundinamarca, contemplates the rehabilitation of 15 tunnels by 7 kilometers, 53 bridges and the designs of the third phase of the project.

It is worth mentioning that Transversal del Sisga connects with the Villavicencio-Yopal highway and the Briceño-Tunja-Sogamoso highway. It also provides road alternatives to connect the center of the country with the eastern plains. According to the FDN, the initiative will contribute to improving travel time, going from 5.3 hours to 4.8 hours and reducing costs, compared to the Transversal de Cusiana, whose function is also to connect the center of the country with the east.

In this case, the sponsors are Grupo Ortiz and KMA Construcciones. Additionally, the renewal of the bank guarantee was approved for up to Ch $ 44,800 million to KMA Construcciones.

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Loans to companies for cleaning Bogota

FDN granted a credit of senior debt $ 40,000 million Clean City. This company has an 8-year concession for the collection of unusable waste, the sweeping and cleaning of roads and public areas, the cutting of grass and pruning of trees in public areas, the containerization, the washing of public areas and the transportation of the waste to the final disposal sites in the city of Bogotá.


As I began this journey by researching the USS Liberty, never did I believe that it would take me through such troubling discoveries.  I was not a “conspiracy theorist” and although I held certain resentments to the controlled Hollywood establishment, I was not and am not “anti-Jewish” or “anti-Semitic.”  I am, however, very pro-American and resolute in combating discrimination in all forms, including Jewish favoritism and Zionist pressure tactics – which I feel are destroying America, in favor of globalism.

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Our nation is the greatest ever built and has the incredible potential to truly lead the world to peace and prosperity by being a fair and just role model.  However, the United States should not encourage the creation of a “new world order.”  The very concept is un-American and implies universal control.  We must respect the sovereignty of other nations, and resist all efforts that would destroy our traditions, values, and freedoms.

I believe that conspiracies have brought us to this very dangerous and vulnerable time.  With the troubled background of the Jewish race, it has been relatively easy for an influential few to covertly direct the actions of their groups by embracing a racist creed, playing on fears of persecution, and branding valid criticism as “anti-Semitic.”  With sophisticated organizational skills, they have been able to present a collective power and profit materially.  As individuals aiding each other, they have been very effective in gaining positions of influence in all walks of life¼especially in business, law, medicine, finance, entertainment, and politics.  They have gained ownership or management control of the mass media and through this have gained a great degree of influence over the political landscape and the attitudes and beliefs of the public at large.  By embracing Zionism, they were able to create a racist state that was postured sympathetically to the American public, but which in reality has been an oppressive state run by regimes of former terrorists.  The state of Israel seeks to build an empire in the Middle East, which will not only dominate their neighbors and the oil-rich region but the entire world by way of puppet regimes and mass media influence over the public.  That plan is very much in accord with “The Protocols of the Elder’s of Zion” and must be prevented.

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Many people are starting to recognize and associate our international problems today with America’s strange relationship and overwhelming support for Israel.  Likewise, many people are beginning to question the Jewish connection to other changes in our country.  The overwhelming majority of Jewish people are good but unfortunately have been used to promote an agenda for world domination.  As general public awareness increases and American patriotic resistance develops against the New World Order, there will likely be a backlash against the Jewish people.  My appeal is to the Jewish community to address these issues by placing America first, rather than Israel and Jewish identity, and take the lead in correcting the current injustices and imbalances by restoring our Constitutional Republic.  The power of the Jewish community could be successful in short order and gain the respect and admiration of, not only other Americans but nations everywhere.  They could help restore American credibility and achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East with positive ramifications throughout the world.  The Jewish people must somehow overcome the internationalist designs of their leaders, and give their first loyalty to America and its traditional libertarian doctrines.  Will this happen?  With current conditions and trends, it is doubtful – but I pray that it does, so the American dream can live on.